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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by mdb landscaping, Jun 22, 2004.

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    At one of my larger commercial places i did a big flower display this year throughout the complex. by the main sign i used three diffferent tears with red saliva at the top, then yellow marigolds with blue ageratums on the bottom. then under a shaded car port type entrance went with begonias. all the flowers look sensational except for the salvia. they looked absolutely breathtaking for about 2 weeks and now all the salvia has shriveled up and is almost dead. i know its getting water but was wondering if maybe too much water would cause this? this place waters in the morning, and at night which may tell me the salvia doesnt like being wet all night? the marigolds and ageratums look fine, but no matter what part of the property i had the saliva on, it looks dead. i did some research and salvia seemed to be able to take full sun. got any ideas? im just gonna rip out the saliva and put 25 new flats in.....but just wondering if you have any input?
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    Try a different flower, I 'm not positively sure but they may be getting too much water. Marigolds and argeratums are very hardy and will live in many conditions, where as salvia might not take well to to much water. Maybe try something else other then salvia....maybe some snapdragons? Maybe some colais would like nice too?


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    mdb - what kind of salvia did you plant?

    You said red, so I am assuming that you planted the annual "Salvia coccinea" which does like full sun, however, once it is established, it DOES NOT like a lot of water.

    I planted two 6-0-6 flats of salvia, which are six inch pots in a 6 pack. I ended up moving half of them to a different bed because they were in a bed that I watered daily.

    The ones in the beds that are rarely watered seem to be doing the best.

    They also perked up after I fertilized them with "Neptune's Harvest", a seaweed & fish guts liquid fertilizer. But none of the salvias are as nice this year as the ones that I planted last year.

    Is your customer watering with a sprinkler system or manually? I would try to cut back the water if possible, if not put another plant in there or plan on replanting them again.

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    Is this the Salvia that you planted?

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    yup sure is....... the complex we do insists on watering twice a day, in the morning and at thats what led me to beleive they may not like too much water since the marigolds, ageratums and begonias look awesome. i may cut my losses and go with something else in the back thats red, or i may just adjust the sprinkler heads so they dont throw as much water high up on the saliva. thanks for your input. im gonna see if our supplier has any snapdragons, otherwise i was thinking of going with geraniums in the back. anybody else have any recomendations what they think would look good in the back of the ageratums and marigolds?

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    mdb - Check out the thread "CT Party"
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    Twice a day??!! I am surprised the marigolds arent rotting too. There are not many things that do well with that much water, at least in my area.

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