red thread disease problem

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by proline32, Jun 15, 2002.

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    Seeing some red thread disease on a lawn I picked up a while back.... Usually I find this on new sod lawns that are on sandy soils and are dry, Normally I just fertilize the lawn with a 26-3-4 fertilizer and the disease goes away, But the customer just recently had the truegreen guys out a month ago and they suposedly "treated the lawn". but I'm not seeing anything as far as growth or deep greening, in fact thier are dead spots on this lawn where the grass has died in areas and it really does not look good. My problem is that I can't seem to convince the customer to just let me fertilize the lawn with my usual treatment for red thread and I was wondering if any of you out there have other recomendations. I Have called the truegreen guys to complain to them about what a farce thier service is and it always seem that they are advertising for employees in the local paper, I know they have lost some of maintenance contracts here, I just don't see the trucks like I used too.
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    if youve had a lot of rain,the n leached thru the soil,and is unusable,we have the same problem here now,combined with a long growing seasonN reserves are the lowest they've been in yrs,So ive been putting down extra N to compensate for it,anywhere ihavent ive got red thread too.
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    We've got RT here in St. Louis too. Don't usually see it.
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    90 % of my customers have Red Thread now. It is growing out in the lawns that we applied our 3rd application to. We've done a few fungicide apps (Mancozeb) for the really bad lawns. Most of my customers are familiar with Red Thread & realize that it is generally harmless. I'm starting to see Dollar Spot already!!

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