Red Thread???

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by sildoc, May 20, 2005.

  1. sildoc

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    I don't know about all of you but red thread has hit about 90% of my clients. I know it is not my fault as I also talk to other LCO's that are having the same problem. Very wet year so far and has been rather warm nights.
    Any one else have fungus problems yet?
    I thought a preventative would keep them ok this year but I guess not.
    What is every one else's consensus on the best fungicide?
  2. Tscape

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    Banner Maxx has never let me down.
  3. SodKing

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    Generally Red Thread can be controlled quite well using just a high dose of Nitrogen. Laetisaria fuciformis is an opportunistic fungus that occurs when the plant cell walls are thin. Nitrogen will thicken up the cell walls and Red thread will not be able to proliferate.

    Here is a fact sheet Red Thread

    When I have needed to I have always used a Chlorothalonil based product.
  4. Bull_11

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    SodKing - Thanks for the info and the fact sheet. I found this on a lawn in Northern VA today and was looking for some background and treatment information on it. The fact sheet proved quite helpful.

    I'm suggesting to the individual to apply some Nitrogen and also to aerate the lawn this fall w/ some overseeding. I think the disease is in its early stages, so I'm thinking these steps will help eliminate it.
  5. jajwrigh

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    I am dealing with one case of it now as well....I just fertilized and expect to see the problem dissapate over time.
  6. Bull_11

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    What type of fertilizer did you use and by "over time", how long are you expecting until you start seeing results?

  7. philk17088

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    In the same vein. Do you treat the red thred as part of the service or is it an additional service with another charge?
    If you do it at no charge, how can you afford the fungicide?
  8. SodKing

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    Red Thread is commonly viewed as a cosmetic issue. It can however reach damaging levels even with heavy levels of Nitrogen. At this point we advocate treating it. Fungicide treatments are costly but necessary at times. For Red Thread you can use granular Daconil (or liquid) but I find that sometimes it is better to buy a $50 bag to treat a small area rather that spend $400 on a case that I will keep in inventory for a long time. You can also use Compass which comes in manageable quantities. It is not part of our program but is an add on spray and is priced at 2-3x's a regular application cost.
  9. SodKing

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    If you use a quick release Nitrogen product you should expect to see the effects within 1 week. Your lawn will green up, get more healthy, and the Red Thread will slowly dissipate.
  10. William J. L.

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    If you're the one fertilizing, then yes its your fault...not enough is going down and its getting a nitrogen defeciency. We always go back and lightly re apply if and when this happens.

    Now if its really, really bad and is taking over, then apply a fungicide

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