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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by snmhanson, Mar 8, 2007.

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    I think my lawn (rye-blue-fescue mix) caught a case of red thread last fall. There were patches of mostly dead lawn with a significant amount of what appeared to be red or pink blades of grass in each dead area. I looked up red thread in my grass books and it appeared that there wasn't much risk of losing my lawn so I let it go for the winter. The infected areas didn't seem to expand over the winter but they are now matted down areas with still a small amount of red "blades" in them. I'll try to attach a couple of pictures, one from about ten feet away and one directly over an infected area. I guess my question is what should I do now? Should I just apply a spring fertilizer (maybe a little higher on the nitrogen side) or do I need to take more evasive action such as aerating/thaching and/or applying fungicide? I have a few other things to take care of on the lawn but my first order of business is to get rid of the red thread (if that's what it actually is). Thanks for any advice on this.



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    Fertilize your lawn ( avoid water soluable ferts) w/ 1-1.5# of nitrogen. water 1-1.5 " a week, in the morning. And aerate ounce per year. We had a big outbreak where i am in jersey last year. It all went away by next fertilizing.
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    Mancozeb and Touche, among others, are labeled for red thread. Check the labels and apply accordingly. Fertilizing will definitely help.
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    I wouldn't bother with a fungicide. Fertilize to push it out and then mow off. If you can, bag and remove the clippings until the the disease is removed.
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    Thanks for the replies. I will start out fertilizing and then maybe dethach to help get the dead grass (as well as leaves I didn't rake out last fall) out. If that doesn't seem to do the trick by mid-spring when everything else starts really growing I will move on to the fungicide option. Thanks again.


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    fertilizer is the key.. also keep an eye on your irrigation input.. you should only have to put out 1 inch of water per week at the very most. If you are over-watering and under-fertilizing, red thread is a happy camper.

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