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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tacoma200, Aug 19, 2006.

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    Well I've had more time to get used to the Hustler Super Z XR7 and more time to compare it to the 05 Lazer Ultracut. I still like the cut of the Lazer better in fescue or mixed Northern Grasses. Several of us are having trouble getting a smooth cut on Norhtern grasses with the XR7. It's not missing grass and from a distance looks good but on closer inspection most of the grass is not cut exactly the same height. Our best guess (Myself and other Lawnsite members that discuss this on forums and PM) is the lack of lift that the XR7 has. The XR7 will mow better and leave less of a mess in very tall wet grass. The mower consultant (PJ)has suggested a piece that runs along the front of the deck to lower it to the same level as the rest of the deck for more vaccum. This is actually for bagging but it may help. So for right now I'm using the Lazer on the nicer lawns and the Hustler on rougher lawns that don't need a manicured cut. Hopefully we will be able to get a little better cut as we learn how to set this deck up for our conditions. I have not found any flaws so far in the Huster build or quality exept a few complaints of scalping rollers breaking form other. Most of my customers are not too picky so the cut hasn't been a big problem for me. The fusion blades cut through some pretty heavy stuff withoug even lowering the rpm's. Makes a great bushhog. Much more comfortable than the Lazer. Well all I can say is test drive to make sure it works good on grasses in your area. It seems to exel in Southern grasses. I'll keep you updated.

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    i called the factory and they told me the 7 was designed for florida style bahai. i love it it's great for FL bahai with stingers. Great product for me!
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    Are you solo? Glad to hear you've got everything figured out.
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    I would like to hear more from the guys in the south that are cutting St. Augistine, bermuda and centipede with the XR7. It seems most of the complaints are coming from up north. Also how does the mulch kit size up on the XR7?
  5. tacoma200

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    Most of the complaits are from Northern Grasses. The cut is Ok but not nearly as smooth as my Ultracut. Below 3.25" the cut is great but as you raise the deck and loose vaccum it gets rough int fescue. Looks ok from a distance but not so good up close with blades of grass cut at different lenths with the XR7 while the Ultra cut is smooth as carpet. I think I will be able to work this out with the proper deck set up but haven't found anyone that has had luck yet. I'm talking to people that have tried using the washers, lowering baffles and even using doubles with no improvement. One guy says he will not take the Huslter off the trailer for grass over 3" in height. The mower consultant recommended the front baffle that goes all the way across the front deck to help with vacuum but I'm not putting any more money into the deck until I find someone that has figured this out. Hustler was supposed to travel the whole country trying out this deck and since most of the country has Northern grasses I don't see why they didn't catch this or the strip that it leave and needs a fix for. I am using mine as a bushhog for overgrown grass and in wet conditons now. I have to use the Exmark ultracut on the nicer homes. Wish us luck finding a solution. Hustler doesn't return emails very quickly and I can't seem to talk to an expert that could help so far. I hate to hear my friend trying all the different things to try to fix this and wasting valuable time. Great mower over all just need this small problem worked out. I want the cut to be super smooth. I have heard of no complaints on Southern grasses that are more rigid so the deep South seems imune to this problem.

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    When I call Hustler I get the information I am looking for, they told me the XR7 was specifically designed for what I wanted it for here in FL. I would have to agree I use it to make one pass on 2 week old bahia large properties and it knocks it down good going full stick.

    In the future I believe munufactures will have deck options for their machines depending on what type of cutting you are doing. Sorry to hear your Hustler is not cutting so great I would probably use nothing else unless someone shows me they are better than my XR7!
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    You have both units...Measure blade tip to front baffle differences. Let me know what you find.

    What we need on the XR-7 is an eXmark antiblowout baffle. See THIS link.

    The L baffles are only in two areas. We need to contain frontal blowout the FULL width of the baffle.

    We also DON'T need something to lower the front SKIRT of the deck. Just the front internal baffle.

    This combined with a 1/4" blade spacer will bring us back closer to the Ultra-Cuts dimensions.

    So, give us a few minutes of your time and jack up your Lazer and snap a few pics/measurements of these important measurements.
  8. tacoma200

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    Give me just a little time and I'll try to get some pictures and measurements

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    I have and exmark 60 as well, it has a new deck but the machine is a 98 model is that a current deck? My XR 7 for what I do works better. I can go faster and knock the grass down better here in Florida with the XR7.
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    Have you tried the skirt for the front of the deck yet ? I got one but it is the wrong one for my 66" waiting on the new one. I never new about the blowout baffle for the Exmark all these years. To be honest the blowout was not that bad up here with the micro mulch kit on. My machine is 6 yrs old and the ultracut deck is still in great condition at 3300 hrs, I'm changing the pumps out for the 1st time next weekend because it going to slow , but nothing mulches like the Ultracut deck in Northern grasses. Here is a pic of the Hustler skirt for those wondering.

    Hustler baffle 001.jpg

    Hustler baffle 002.jpg

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