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red vs yellow


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What do you guys sell to compete with the Hustler Z. I saw my friends new machine while working on a job with him 2 weeks ago. I was impressed by the foot lever for deck height adjustment....simular to my Hustler Z. Hoss65 has a fine machine and I might just buy one...info please....


Manufacturer / Sponsor

Thanks for the post. Both are top notch machines.

If your comparing a 52" you can either use our Lazer HP with a 23 hp Kohler/Kawasaki or our 52" Lazer Z. In 60" and larger we only offer the Lazer Z.

The Lazer HP has a horizontal shaft engine like the Hustler. Ground speed on the 52" model is 9.5 mph however you can pick up another mile per hour or so if you add the 24" drive tires. MSRP is around $7799. Both engine options come with canister air filters. Clean out ports, which give easy access to the cooling fins in the cylinder heads for cleaning and maintenance are standard equipment on the Kohler powered units.

We offer semi-pneumatic front caster tires to eliminate flats yet still have good ride quality and impact absorption. All models have ROPS standard, fuel gauges are standard as is the foot lift on the 48" and 52" models.

The Lazer Z on the other hand has a Horizontal shaft engine. Prices range between $7199 for the AS 52" and $10,999 for the liquid cooled Kawasaki. Fuel capacity is 9.0 gallons and ground speed is 8.5 mph.

The AS is a de-featured Lazer and does not have the canister air filter, foot lift, fuel gauge and has smaller drive tires.

The Lazer Z will have the canister air filter, foot lift, fuel gauge, tank mounted controls, console mounted storage unit, semi-pneumatic caster tires, and Carlisle multi-trac drive tires. Fuel capacity is 13.5 gallons and the ground speed is 10.0 mph.

Maintenance is often tedious and often performed improperly thus we've tried to reduce maintenance as much as possible. The hydro drive system requires maintenance at 250 hours to remove any break in contaminants and then service is annual or every 1,000 hours which ever comes first. The blade spindles are sealed and require no-maintenance. The front caster pivots and caster wheel bearings only require annual maintenance as well. As with the Lazer HP the Kohler engines also have clean out ports (can be added to the AS models) and the canister air filter not only reduce maintenance but also improve engine life.

The drive levers are now contoured for greater comfort to the hands, wrists and forearms as well as providing more "thigh" room. The drive levers can also be adjusted up, down, fore and aft. The seats now have greater side bolsters, higher back, contoured seat cushion and adjustable arm rests. We've also eliminated the metal springs in the seat a replaced it with a wide electromeric band for greater comfort, more support and longer life. The tanks are flared to reduce the amount of water and debris that is thrown up on the operator as well as the mower yet still give a clear view of the tire.

Where we really feel we have an advantage is in our mower deck design. The patented flow control baffle (welded under the deck) reduces horsepower requirements, adds more lift, disperses clippings better, reduces the size of the clippings and give a cleaner more manicured cut. We also fully weld the deck seams (skirt to top sheet) use the "fry pan" gusset on the Ultra cut and have abrasion resistant steel at all wear points on the deck skirt. We've changed the design of the idler pivot bushings as well.

This should improve belt life which is already pretty impressive and reduce the negative effects of missed maintenance intervals. The new dust shields on the spindle bearing and caster wheel bearings have improved bearing life in these two areas. The caster wheel bearing adjustment now also has a locking system that eliminates the need for periodic adjustments.

Options include Turf Striper roller, mulch kit, UltraVac, light kit, trash container, sunshade and hitch kit. Additionally there are several "aftermarket" manufacturers that offer, leaf plows, dethatchers, fertilizer spreader and aerator for our mowers.

Please give me a call if you have any questions at 800-667-5296 or shoot me a pm to terry.eckert@exmark.com




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South East
Terry, you have really impressed me on your knowledge of your product and of the other brands as well. It is Great to see someone who really beleives in what they sell and enjoy what they are doing.

Romans 8:31


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I will probably purchase an exmark when my Hustler fails....too bad those guy can't get it together! I look foward to dealer support for my purchases. Thanks for your reply concerning my post...

Kenneth Leak, III.
GrassWorks Lawn service
Memphis Metropolitan area...


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Just curious as I hope to be getting a new Z and have always preferred Lazers and Super Z's; I know what I like and don't like about both but what don't you like about your Hustler? Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.