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    Sorry, no. If you hit Google, there are quite a few reviews available. I've just followed them since the company was pitched at a startup conference. I didn't think they had anywhere near the best pitch or idea, but they won the competition. I was wrong on that one. lol
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    Been using Redbeacon for about 2 years. You only pay for leads you want. The credit card and social thing is no big deal- it just lessens the number of low ballerina you compete against. I also use Thumbtack, Craigslist, and Redbeacon has brought the higher end maintenance stuff.
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  3. Jbh0724

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    How much does a lead cost?
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  4. Ben Bowen

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    It has changed several times, but I believe I normally pay between $15 and $40, depending on the price of the service. But, you only pay for jobs you actually get. Or, if you need to see the property to give a quote then you can pay a lower amount. But again, you only pay if they choose you.

    Sign up, see if you like it. You don't ever have to bid. At the very least you get a nice link to your website for google to like.
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  5. wegomow

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    Not available in my area. It appears they are only set up for the larger cities right now. I did put a request in to be notified when they come to my area.
  6. billpiper

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    I have used them during the free period. Worked well for me.
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  7. Utah Lawn Care

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    I am curious to hear if anyone has had more experience with redbeacon in the last year. I tried to request an estimate for lawn care in my small town and as far as I can tell it acted like there were no providers in my area. If that's the case I would love to be the only one.

    What has your experience been? How big is your service area, and how many leads do you get? Thanks
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    did someone say BACON?:laugh:

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