RedHawk 32in walkbehind pulls to the left

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by GPS, Apr 16, 2010.

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    Ok, i have about 5 accounts where I need a 36 or smaller, so i picked up this 32in Redhawk really cheap. I can not stop this from pulling to the left. After about 10ft of sidewalk the front wheels are in the grass. Heres what I have done. Front & Rear tires are the same makes, & the air pressure is set according to the tire. I currently have the drive adjustments & the brake adjustments even to one another. I jacked the rear end up, & the trans axle spins on both sides at the same speed, I marked the tires, & the right one spins faster then the left. I kept the original spring on the left for more tention & put a weeker spring on the right & it still pulled to the left. Before I made the drive adjustments even, I tried to use them to compensate but i had no luck, still pulls to the left. I would appreciate any help


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    hate to say it but you get what you pay for. you bought a cheap mower and you got a cheap mower. good luck
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    I Mow Alone,
  4. GPS

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    ops, new here. i could not justify 1k or 2k for 5 accounts, now 200 ok. I can agree about not buying a true quality commercial wb. If i can get a few years out of it, then it is a win win. I am not offended at all.

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    cool if you can make it work for you. i guess for $200 you cant complain
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    You could use a nylon sewing tape (my wife got me one) to get the circumference of the two drive tires equal, instead of going by air pressure. Also you could try some belt dressing. Those probably won't work, but will eliminate the simple causes first.

    The outboard drive pulleys for the double belt (it may be a single belt on a 32) usually have an Allen set screw or two to secure the pulley to the stub shaft and the left pulley could be slipping on the shaft, but not completely freewheeling. If the right and left stub shafts turn the same speed I would suspect the drive pulley is slipping. The driven pulley down at the rim is not going to slip.
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    you need to put the original spring back on and jack the back of the mower up and on the back of the mower watch the the piece that moves when you put in neutral. on the left side they will be a square piece of metal with a nut on both sides adjust that and if needed there is a black handle you can use to adjust aswell. i bought a 48 inch redhawk and had to adjust it aswell.

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