redhawk mower is it worth buying!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by brianslawncare, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. brianslawncare

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    im looking at a redhawk mower 36/15 kohler. has anyone used this mower and how does it work and how does the grass look after wards? i have 2 scag turf tigers and need a smaller mower and scag cost 3000 the red cost mowers are 600 i cant justify 600 for a hand mower! im only going to use the mower 5to10 hours per week most of my work i can use my zturns.i know scag and exmark are the best but for the time im going to use this it doesnt seem like a bad price. thank you.
  2. mini14

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    you get what u pay for, remember that..
  3. DAR57

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    I have that exact same mower that I have now had for 12 months. The cut is good. It is made in another country. I use it also for getting through 36" gates also. The 5th gear is out, a new mower spindle is on order, parts don't come to fast,works me harder than I care too(we call it the maneater). Thank the man upstairs though that it has the Kohler that always starts easily.

    mini 14 said it all

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