RedHawk Mowers



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Ohh.. Geeezzz.. Pees of Crap But still.. they have Kohler engine.. and 7 gauge steel.. and Hydro.. hmmm..
What are your thoughts on RedHawk mowers.. .. a 36" WB Hydro.. 7Gauge fab deck.. 15Kohler.. is only $2600.00..

Is it manufactured by RedHawk.. or some-one else.
Do a Google Search and you'll find who and where it's made.

This photo is the result of a RedHawk 48" 15hp Kohler and NO stripe kit.

With a velky attached, it would pull me up hill with no issues.

Stripes Side Yard.jpg


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Chattanooga TN
I have the 36 hydro and have no complaints. I wish it had a kawi but I can live with the kohler. Most all you will get is answers saying it is made in China but so is my Stihl hedge trimmers which I have no complaints about either. Dont expect the same quality as exmark or scag but at half price that should be a given.