Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by causalitist, Mar 18, 2007.

  1. causalitist

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  3. Grits

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    I have a 32 for a back-up and gated back yards. I wouldn't want it for my main mower.
  4. JTF40

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  5. Mowman16

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    Go with a brand with a better reputation.
  6. causalitist

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    ching chong, ching ching chong :cool2:

    lol, thanks guys.

    weird how it seems japanese stuff is usually high quality, whereas chinese stuff tends to suck...

    are there any car companies from china?
  7. Evan528

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    Lol! just because they look and sound the same does not mean they are the same!!!!
  8. rodfather

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    It's my understanding from talking to someone who had one they make a great boat anchor. :laugh:
  9. scholzee

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    China’s Geely makes its mark in Detroit
    No glitz at North American debut, but presence is definitely felt
    Geely (pronounced ‘jeely’) has been selling cars in China since 1997 and now is preparing to export them into North America. Geely hopes to sell a car similar to this for under $10,000 in 2008.

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