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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Apr 14, 2005.

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    would you do something stupid, even if it paid well? yup, it's spring for sure, and i been hearing all kinds of nutty stuff. here's the scene: i get a call , she wants an estimate. i stop by. she shows me her shrubbery. silver king euonomous, chinese hollies, arbs, laceleaf maple, boxwoods,and some grasses. all appear in fine health. BUT, she claims they are dying, because the mulch that was put in last year, contains arsenic (she heard this from a friend). it's natural mulch, and about all decomposed at this point. she insists i need to remove the top two layers of mulch/soil, dispose of it, and replenish with "a high grade soil", and mulch. that's #1. and number two.... she points to the lawn down the street, and says she wants me to go knock on the door, and ask what they put on the lawn, then wants me to apply the same thing. i explain that there is nothing wrong with her plants and mulch, and i explain my program and offer to apply my program. she wants it done the way SHE wants it done, and money is NOT an issue. now, nobody in thier right mind will take this job, so i could basically name my price. would you? my instinct is to run far, and fast, but it could be quite profitable despite the agrivation. would you?
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    Why doesn't SHE knock on their door and ask what they use? You asking them is kinda like a pooper scooper guy asking neighbors how to pick up poop, or what to pick it up with.

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