Redmax 7001 Blower Vapor Lock?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by mcambrose, Aug 8, 2008.

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    Dump that into your mower and try getting 89 Shell or Texaco since the "top tier" fuels have less ethanol. I had the same problem you are having with my blowers and trimmers on cheap fuels and ever since switching to Shell fuel my problems have gone away.
  2. mcambrose

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    Thanks. I will give it a try.
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    Just a note on the ETHANOL. During the mid 80's, there was a push on GASAHOL (GAS WITH ETHANOL) being the same or similar to today. I will call both the fuels now and the fuels then GASAHOL. On a good day GASAHOL burns hotter (with less power) and is not as good for your motor (especially 2 cycle).

    Now on a bad day. This is what will happen to 2 cycle engines when something goes wrong with GASAHOL. Here is the scenario:

    1. Your 2 cycle mix has been in your shop for a month and the weather has been humid often. The dew on your windshield has to be cleaned every morning. Condensation has been forming in your 2 cycle mix can.
    2. The moisture formed in your can will attract the ethanol from the gasoline. Now your 2 cycle mix can has gasoline/oil on the top and ethanol/water mix on the bottom (the water/ethanol is heavier than gas/oil).
    3. You pour fuel into your trimmer. The ethanol/water is where your fuel filter is flopping (at the bottom of the trimmer gas tank). This has no lubrication, but will burn.
    4. The engine draws the ethanol/water into the crankcase, then when the engine pushes it through the ports on the bottom end of the cylinder, the lack of lubrication scores the engine on the intake side. Now you have a dead or dying motor.

    If the motor still runs, when it warms, it will starve for gas. You will constantly adjust it.

    The bad thing is that this can happen to a brand new out of the box STIHL.

    Many scenarios can occur with GASOHOL separating and destroying 2 cycle engines.

    If you do not know who does or does not sell GASOHOL, do this test:
    Get a glass rain gauge. Pour 10 parts of the fuel you want to use (gasoline only). Then pour 1 part water. Leave to set for a couple of hours or overnight. Observe it after waiting. IF THE WATER LEVEL ON THE BOTTOM APPEARS TO HAVE RISEN, THE RISE IS DUE TO THE WATER ATTRACTING THE ALCOHOL OUT OF THE FUEL. This is the enemy and it will destroy your engine.

    Call fuel distributors and find out if they have ethanol in their fuel.

    Low octane poor fuel is “like the flu”. GASAHOL is a “HEART ATTACK”.

    Good luck
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    My EBZ7001 does something similar on occasion. I actually thought the fuel line was getting kinked and not letting it get enough fuel.

    One day about a month ago, I was trying to straighten the fuel line a little and popped the fuel tank grommet out. It nearly blew it out! Lots of pressure in the tank. Curious if this might have something to do with it running poorly, I began venting the tank when it has been sitting in the sun like that. In the last month it has not done it again.

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