RedMax 8000 Issues Every Year

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnspecialties, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. lawnspecialties

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    Well, it's starting to get warm again. How do I know?

    Is it the birds singing? Is it the buds just starting to crack open with new flowers? Maybe it's because we're mowing most yards now almost every week. NO!

    I know warm spring weather is here because my RedMax 8000 and 8001 blowers are starting to bog down at various times of the day. Man, this is getting really old but I have done some studying and researching on this and have created a temporary solution out in the field.

    I've tried everything to fugure out what is causing this and have come to the solution it's a "too lean" problem. I suspect RedMax's solution to reduced emissions is an extremely lean mixture and sometimes it gets a little too lean. I suspected this when one day it was bogging so I pulled the air filter. This made the problem twice as bad so obviously, that solution was heading in the wrong direction. I had even heard of other guys here on LS who had their dealer increase the size of the jet in the carb just slighly. Larger jet means more fuel.

    So what's my temporary fix? It's actually quite simple when this frustration hits. Set the blower on the ground and open the throttle all the way while running. It obviously should be running like a sick dog. Now start opening the choke slightly and you'll hear the rpm's start to increase. Keep increasing the choke until it starts going back down as if starting to flood. Now back off the choke a little to get it back into the "good range" and you should be good to go. Remember, the choke closes off air flow. I would guess this solution makes your 8000 run like a 7000 but it still beats it running like a 1000.:laugh:
  2. ed2hess

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    How old is this unit?

    WREBELMACHINE LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I have had this same problem cost me new carb's and they started running fine for another year or so! I got so frustrated and my redmax hand helds that I bought some tanaka hand helds but they have the same problem with them. Now I have a maruyama hand held so far so good!
  4. clay duncan

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    i did that same thing with my redmax weedeater 2400. i predict if you keep doing that you will have to rebuild engine because of a broken ring. it happened twice to me. i believe it is common with the strato charge engine(bogging). i have a couple of other pieces of redmax non strato engines that have performed well for me though.......clay
  5. J&R Landscaping

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    The pre strato engines were under some different emisson guidelines and were able to run richer. I'd love to find a couple older bc225dl units in good shape, those ran darn good!
  6. yungman

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    Is all the strato charged engines are like this, I thought Redmax fixed the problem on the newer ones already!!!

    So who to buy, People complain about the new Echo, even the good old SRM260s. Now Redmax Strato Charge have complain.

    From the catalog of Maruyama, look like their new CER300 engine has the kind of scavanger port that look like Redmax Strato engine. You can see a cut out on the side of the piston like the Strato engine.

    So far the only old style 2 cycle left is the Husqvarna 326 Etech 2 engine!!

    What is wrong about closing the choke just a little to richen up the air fuel mixture a little?

    Maybe a little extra weight of Honda is not as bad. They still seem to hold up!!!:laugh::laugh:
  7. lawnboy dan

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    isolved this problem by putting away my redmax blower when the temp hits 80

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