Redmax 8001 Blower Problem

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by totallawncare912, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. totallawncare912

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    I had an 8000 and now have a 8001 and seems to me that it takes forever for it to finally run wide open like its supposed to when you go from yard to yard and fire it up at the end of every mow it wants to fall flat on its face, am i doing something wrong or does anyone have this issue also. im running 89 octane as that is what it calls for and using OPTI II oil also.
  2. lawnspecialties

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    This is a somewhat common problem with the 8000's. I (and several others on lawnsite) had one do this last year and RedMax actually took it back and gave me a new one. They said they wanted to test it and see what the problem was. I now have an 8000 and a 8001 and they both do it. If you think about it, I'll bet this usually does this when it's around 80 degrees or higher outside.

    I also use Opti-2 and my dealer and I are thinking this may be the problem. Opti-2 has always worked great for me for several years but I wonder if the 8000 series blowers just don't like it. Since the temps are climbing back up now, today I mixed a can of gas and Shindaiwa's latest 50:1 mix. When my 8000's run out tomorrow, I'll fill them up with the new stuff and give it a try.

    For now, do a search on 8000's and look around last summer and you'll see us talking about this very thing. I'll let you know how my test turns out.

    No since having an 8000 that blows like a 2000 on hot days. Now I have to see if it's been my fault.:confused:
  3. totallawncare912

    totallawncare912 LawnSite Member
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    i brought my 8000 last year back to the dealer and it didnt do it, and i got my 8001 this year and its doing the same thing i wanna take a sledge hammer to it..
  4. mini14

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    been a redmax user for 8 years now ever since the 8000 i purchased, that will be the last redmax i will ever is a pos. cracked cylinder, broken crank, new carb, cracked frame, in that order...been fixed under warrenty 4 times now its being held together with epoxy and ducktape.u can hear it ratteling inside at full throttle....dont know why husky bought them....all happened within 1 year of purchase....i dont know how it still runs
  5. HenryB

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    All the Redmax Stratocharged need about 30 to 60 seconds to warm up. I don't like that about them but they are good otherwise.
  6. lawnspecialties

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    Sorry not to get with you on my little "experiment". Unfortunately, it's only been right around 80 or less every day and the blower has barely been doing it's little quirk. Like Total said, it does it when I've used it already, put it back in it's rack, and then cranking it back up at the next account. It's only in the afternoon when it's getting hotter outside, but last year, I remember very well it would do it the most when the temps. exceeded 80.

    Tuesday it's supposed to hit 90 here so I expect a good testing with both Opti-2 fuel and Shindaiwa 50:1 mix fuel.:)

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