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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Cut blow and go scape, Jan 12, 2020.

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    I've been using backpacks professionally since 1982. RedMax took over the market from echo in my area in th late 80's. RedMax hasn't stood the test of time. after two years (just after warranty ) they start failingI. I'm not happy with the product anymore (and I have five of them right now).
    My buddy switched to Stihl (do to redmax not lasting long enough) but I don't feel they have enough power (and the carbs suck). my last run in with echo left me un happy.
    I've heard that shindaiwa made a four stroke that used 2 stroke mix but didn't last either.

    Please ( without defending the products I don't like if possible) recomend a large back pack blower that you've used for up to four years without needing to be overhauled and fixed. ( I change my plugs and filters regularly)

    Spring clean ups last a month and fall clean ups here in North jersey last a month. From may through October we blow off 100 driveways ( which isn't much) and dec Jan Feb and march they aren't used.

    Thank you for reomendations on a good back pack

  2. sjessen

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    Hello Ed.

    I use one of the brands you mentioned. That said, from your post it seems none of the brands are all that reliable.

    What she are doing is selling their units just prior to the warranty expiring for 50% or more of new. I recently did this with one of mine. Purchased a new unit during a 20% off sale and sold the other at a fair price.

    Just a thought.......
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    Whats causing these previous problems?

    Echo has been good for me reliable most issues I've seem to be fuel related ime

    What size back pack you looking for?
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  4. cold-beer

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    Honestly, RedMax 8500 is probably the most reliable blower made IMO. They've been the standard forever.

    I have an Echo 8010 right now that starts on the first pull every time, but I've only had it for a season. It's an absolute beast of a blower, but I'll have to see for how long. It sure does suck fuel though.

    Shindaiwa and Echo are almost the same at this point. I'm not sure about their back packs, but their hand bowers and shredders are basically the same with different plastic.

    Have you considered Maruyama? I've never used their blowers, but I would rate their trimmers as a step above anyone else in the industry, and they have a 5 year commercial warranty, which tells you that their stuff lasts. Stihl would probably go under with a commercial warranty like that IMO. I got a B30L Turbo brush cutter this year, and it's built like a Sherman Tank with balls the size of small planets. I could not be happier with it.
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  5. sjessen

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    That was descriptive!! Lol!!
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    The biggest bad boy Echo 8081 is having 3 problems. Bolts holding recoil break off resulting in a tough problem to extract. Units coming in with damage in cyclinder likely caused by dust getting past the filter. The harness won 't hold up under the weight. The 755 good model. Stihl 600 and 430 blowing out crank seals before 5 years and fan almost impossible to get off. The carb are poor and that leads to recoil problems. Roll the dice..
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  7. sjessen

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    Other than that they are all good, right??!! Lol!!

    Pretty sure most hands are being engineered to last 2 seasons of hard use.
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  8. cold-beer

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    I think two years is about the end of the road for most Small Engine power equipment if you're running it on every job 5 days a week.

    For this reason it's good to have different sized trimmers and blowers in your arsenal so they're not getting run into the ground.

    If you're having a problem with Backpack blowers not lasting, maybe consider getting a handheld for stuff you don't need that much power for like blowing grass.
    It also saves a lot of fuel over time.
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  9. Ridin' Green

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    I have owned or still own- Husky (same as RM) Echo, Stihl, Shindaiwa, Maruyama.

    I have never had a problem with any of mine, which always makes me believe that how you treat your stuff is how it will treat you. I know they are tools for making money, but IMO (and not saying this is your issue either, just a general observation), that doesn't mean beat them like the proverbial redheaded step child.

    My BR800 is only 6 months old or so, but no issues yet, and I have ran it quite a bit in that time including this winter in snow. My 8010 doesn't seem to be having the same issues that some others are having and is a great BP. My Husky 570 never let me down one time, nor any of my previous Stihl 2 or 4 stroke BP's. That all said, so far, the best BP I have owned to date is my Shindy 802, which is still a true Shindy. BY simply removing the restrictive tailpipe piece under the screen cover, you can make them really come to life and they will hang with the 7500/8500 with no problem. I also owned a Maruyama 9000 and never had any issues with it other than a fuel line leak at first. That was easily the most comfortable BP to wear on your back I have owned as far as vibrations (lack of them in this case) goes.

    Given your complaints, you may want to try an 802 come spring when you can get one for 25% off during fleet week.
  10. Ridin' Green

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    I must be doing something right because I can easily get a LOT more than 2 years from my HH units, whether BP's or trimmer. Not carrying them in trimmer or blower racks goes a long ways toward making them last longer.
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