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  1. Envy Lawn Service

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    As some of you read, I had been using a RedMax 2300 demo. There were some things I liked about it, but overall I was rather un-impressed. So I returned to the dealer and swapped it out for a BCZ 2600S demo.

    So far after 1 day in the field with it...


    I really like the head.... (same as the one on the 2300).
    I like the grease zerk on the gearhead... (same as the 2300)
    I really like it's starting manners... (almost the same as the 2300)
    What I mean is it will crank at idle and run with the choke on, and you can flip it off.
    I also like the throttle lock... (same as the 2300) but wish it was infinately variable.
    I also really like the power and screaming revs of the Strato-Charged engine.
    I also like that it is designed to run a few more inches of line over the 2300 bone stock.
    It's smoother than the 2300 as far as vibration.
    Compared to the 2300, the performance is WELL WORTH the extra weight.
    A day has not been long enough to find any more likes.


    The Strato-Charged engine does not start worth a dang.
    It does start every time just fine, but takes several pulls.

    The Strato-Charged engine is like an employee about getting the work started. Bitcheeeee!
    It takes it a while to get going after you start it up.
    It has to idle a minute or two before it's ready to work.

    Although it has the same size guard on it that I loved so much on the 2300...
    It DOES NOT mount the same way and CAN'T be rotated around like the 2300.
    The guard itself is physically the same, but the gearbox has an extra tab on it.
    The guard mounts to this tab instead of using mounting hardware to attach it to the shaft tube.

    Although it is smoother than the 2300, it is not super smooth. It does create some vibration you can feel in your hands. I've felt worse though, and I'm not sure this will be an issue.

    To end here before using it some more, I would like to say that my first impression of it is that this unit DOES fall into the same class as the Stihl FS85's I've been using. It's a competing model at the same engine size and around the same weight.

    It seems to be a nice unit so far... but I could tell right off it's no Stihl FS85.
    It's certainly ample for commercial use...
    But it is not as smooth (vibration wise) or rugged as the Stihls.

    The FS85's are EXTINCT though... (and I have one out of comission)
    So I'll run this unit a few more days and we'll see how it goes!
  2. Envy Lawn Service

    Envy Lawn Service LawnSite Fanatic
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    Day two... 'status quo'

    Do any of you RedMax dealers know if there is actually any internal difference/benefit between the 2600 gearbox and the 2300 gearbox?

    Sucks how this guard mounts 'TO' the 2600 gearbox.
    I miss how I rigged the guard on the 2300.

    rm tg z.jpg
  3. clay duncan

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    i agree with you envy. i like the fs 85 way better than the redmax (i have the 2400). the main thing i hate is waiting on it to warm up.
  4. Envy Lawn Service

    Envy Lawn Service LawnSite Fanatic
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    Thanks... I am glad someone can appreciate that I am not trying to be negative here.
    I'm only trying to establish ranking order.
    So far I like a lot about RedMax, but I wouldn't give it top honors either.
    Just trying to be honest and avoid being mis-read.

    Yes, the Strato-Charged 'warm-up' period is annoying.
    The longer between starts, the longer it takes to get ready for work.
    It's an all day thing unless you are knocking off small lawns close together.
    But the first start of the day is by far the worst.

    I can't say that I understand why these engines do this either...

    Anyways, tell me something... does your 2400 have the guard mounted around the shaft with hardware like the 2300... or does it screw to an integrated mount that is part of the gearhead?
  5. Mowingman

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    On the 2400, you can turn the guard around sideways, it is not mounted to the head like on the 2600.
    As a dealer, I can tell you that the 2400 outsells the 2600 at our shop every year. We sell about 20 of the 2400's, to 1 of the 2600 models. I personally do not like the 2600. It takes longer to warm up, the engine is more prone to bogging after being used for a while, it is heavier, and it costs more. For day in day out use, the 2400 is the trimmer to buy.
    We almost never have any warranty issues on the 2400. However, the 2600's seem to be in our shop quite often for carb. problems.
    Unless you are weedeating brush and catails all day, you really do not need a 2600. The 2400 has plenty of power.
  6. wojo23323

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    We had 3 2600's. All 3 would shock the crap out of you. We had to wrap the handles with electrical tape.
  7. PaulJ

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    I've been running a redmax 2600 for over a year now with an EDGIT attached. really like the power. It seems to hold it's power better than the echo 260s it replaced. Starting and warm up get's better as the unit got some good hours on it. I had a hedge trimmer Head on it yesterday and it handled that great. just got a bit heavy after 300ft of 6ft high hedges.
    with the edgit I can run the string out really long and the trimmer still handles it. There is no substitute for power.
  8. HenryB

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    I like the 2300 a lot more than the 2600 and 2400. Even with the hedge trimmer attachment. I think you'd be crazy to not buy the 2300 out of these choices.
  9. jt5019

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    Ever since i got my 2600 nobody wants to touch the echo trimmers anymore. It starts in 2 to 3 pulls everytime and will cut through just about anything in a sweep.
  10. Just Mow

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    If you like your FS 85 and they are NLA why not go with the 80R the only difference is the driveshaft being a flex cable and the 85's shaft being solid.

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