Redmax BCZ2450T

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Outlawn, Oct 3, 2013.

  1. Outlawn

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    Found this unit on CL in my town. Another landscaper bought it and echo to see which one he liked, and ended up keeping the echo. It's been run twice and looks brand new from pics. Never used redmax before but he is selling at a vey good price, if the unit is decent. What's everyone's thoughts on these? Is it worth $225 for a brand new one? I've seen some stuff about them being hard to start, but most people seem to like them from what I can tell online. Thanks in advance

    Here the ad:
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  2. Nredo

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    All my Redmax equipment starts on 1st or 2nd pull.
  3. ddixon7

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    Yes buy that thing! Save yourself a $100 bucks. It should last you for years. Redmax is about as good as it gets now days. I think they are ahead of everyone else, especially since the emissions regulations have came out.
  4. Outlawn

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    Well , I got it! $225 for a basically brand new trimmer is pretty good in my book. I used it on a couple of accts and i like it so far. The palm safety was finicky, so I just zip tied it so it's down all the time. It does have more vibration than my echo and shindy units, but it's nothing that I can't live with. The power is great and I have had no starting issues so far. I do not, however, like the head and will be putting a speed feed on it tonight. Otherwise, seems to be a fantastic unit with tons of power and a good, balanced package!
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