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Redmax bcz2500s problems

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I switched from my trusty Stihl fs85 trimmers that I have been running for years with no problems to the Strata charged redmax bcz2500s. I am beginning to wish I hadn't switched. The Redmax has been nothing but trouble so far. I was wondering if any Redmax owners have experienced their units shocking them after you begin to sweat? My unit has been in under warranty for this 4 times. It has also been in 2 times for the throttle sticking, and went in again today for the clutches going out. I have only had this unit 4 months. A friend of mine purchased the identical unit, and his has also been in 4 times for shocking and is going in again tomorrow. It is my understanding that about 20 out of every 50 units sold by Redmax have shocking problems. Just wondering if our situations are flukes, or if this is really a problem. Getting real tired of the down time!
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I have allways run stihl string trimmers but Iwon a redmax two years ago at a trade show in Raleigh NC. It allways starts and has plenty of power. But the heads wear out to fast and are a pain to wind. I would not buy a redmax because MidAtlantic steel is end my town and if I need parts same day.
LGF, what model is the one to the far right?
Thanks LGF, they all still look like new.
ive always run redmax and love em. i have a strata charged 2500 too and have had no problems with it yet.the only thing i dont like about it is the head sheild, its not as wide as the older models and is moutned to close to the head causing the auto string cutter to keep the string too short.
o well it could be worse i guess.

lgf, nice bunch of equip u got.
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