Redmax bcz260TS vs Redmax bcz3060TS vs Echo srm3020

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Yep. Then they got a 410X that's comparable to the Stihl FS240 and FS250
Yes. Unfortunately because of the EPA the 250r has been discontinued but has ushered in the 240r which meets EPA standards. Nothing personal but if I'm going to go with a Stihl it's going to be a two-stroke most likely the 240. Right now I do have 2 fs250s one runs really strong and the other is parts for the one I keep running. I don't use it in the field but I will bring it out every once in awhile to do my own yard just to bring it out and exercise it keep it running.


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Saw that 323L and wanted to tear up a little. I had 3 of those one after the other for more than 10 years. Best damn weed eater anybody ever made in so far as power for weight is concerned. They also lasted and lasted. In each case they ran until the clutches wore through and that took more than 3 years each. Then Husquavarna stopped making them and I have been sad ever since. The 525l I replaced the last one with seemed less powerful, weighed more, was more temperamental starting, and eventually broke sooner. I think it was a bit of a lemon.

As for the torque head thing, my current weed eater (525lst), the one that replaced the 525l, it has a torque head and that is definitely a plus. I don't love the 525LST like I loved the 323L's and I would trade back in a heart beat but the torque head is better and probably it's only saving grace.

I have tried a few other brands as well, a few Echos myself and a buddies Redmax. Just too heavy when you have to reach them out under trees with one hand. Give me more power and less weight dammit.

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