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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Olylawnboy, Apr 29, 2006.

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    Have any of you caused any damage with your EBZ8000? Here's my story.
    last fall one of my commercial accounts claimed that my blower blew a rock and broke a window, well really it was a chip that resembled a bb hole. I didn't dispute it (though I didn't really think it happened that way ) and paid for it out of pocket as it's cheaper than involving insurance. As it turns out the window was never replaced. The little hole was covered with a small advertising sign. I questioned this and took pictures of it last winter and they said they would have the window replaced soon. Well the months went by and no new window. I of coarse figured they just kept the money and that was that.
    Yesterday my guy was blowing the sidewalk that is against the front of the building and blowing the cobwebs around the windowsills (we always do that) and the whole window shattered into their office. Boy did they have a cow!
    They told me I had to get it fixed right now. I of coarse said no way, I already paid for it last fall. This would have never happened ( I hope:) ) if you had the window replaced instead of pocketing the money and covering it up. The guy sure turned red:) and said he was going to call the owner and get me fired. I said ok, I've been doing this place for eighteen years now, you've been here three. I've documented the first problem with the window with the owner of the building and have pics to show it was never replaced in the first place. His silence was golden :)
    So anyway have any of you caused any damage with your RedMax?

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