Redmax blower issue

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Maitland CLS, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. Maitland CLS

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    Evening, My Redmax backpack blower is bogging out a lot. My dealer is telling me that the enclosed trailer is causing heat pressure to build in the gas tank. I am turning the cap before each use and I still have to choke on every stop I make. A new carb was put in under warranty. Shall I still receive the unpleasant smoke up my A## or can any of you give me your experience with this or an opinion on a different blower unit.
  2. mowerman90

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    remove the muffler and check exhaust port for carbon buildup. Scrape it clean and blow any debris out of the cylinder with air hose.
  3. zechstoker

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    Maybe I should try that as well. Mine is having the same issue, but I don't transport it in a trailer.
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  4. pugs

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    First what exactly is the problem you are complaining about? First you say its bogging and then you complain about choking it to start is it hard to start or just bogging? Yes you may need to choke it whenever you start it.

    Second, what model is it? Redmax blower doesnt begin to tell us what you have. Oh, I forgot its a backpack....yah that doesnt clear anything up.
  5. Maitland CLS

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    Pugs, you are not a happy camper are you? First, it's a Redmax backpack blower who gives a rats butt about the model at this point. It's bogging out on every stop I make. By the way Pugs, I was not complaining, I merely was inquiring with mature landscape professionals. Mowerman90: I can understand the carbon buildup, did not think of that one, Thank you.
  6. roeslandscaping

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    I have 2 redmax blowers. one ebz8000 and a blower one size down, i dont recall the size. I had issues with both blowers not having any power and having to choke every time. I started using the stihl 2 stroke oil in them and gas with no ethanol, and it seemed to fix the problem.
  7. AuburnHort2005

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    My Echos do this in the summer, but man they run like champs when it's cold in the winter.

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