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Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Brian1, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. Brian1

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    Got these parts as part of an equipment deal and I dont need any of it. Im putting it up here first before it goes to Ebay. Looks like most of it should fit the Redmax EBZ8000 and probably a few other brands/models depending on which part it is.

    EBZ800 air filter cover used with some cracks, 2 EBZ 8000 recoil starters, 1 smaller 4 bolt recoil starter brand new, engine and other shrouds, flywheel, tubes, elbows, and 2 arms 1 of which has a throttle cable with it.

    looking to get around $10 each for the starters, $1 each for the tubes/elbows, $5-10 for the shrouding, $10 for the arm w/ throttle cable, $10 for the flywheel and I am open to offers. I can ship and I do take paypal. Thanks

    redmax blower.JPG

    redmax blower (1).JPG
  2. lawndoc7

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    yes hello i would like to by the throtle arm and the pull cord send bill with your tell number so we can do this .or give me price on hole lot .
  3. Brian1

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    This stuff all sold nearly 2 years ago. I cant delete or edit the post or I would have deleted it along time ago.

    Welcome to the site!
  4. lawndoc7

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    all right thanks anyway lawndoc
  5. bradseabridge

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    Zombie thread!!!!!!!

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