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redmax blowers


LawnSite Member
defiance, Ohio
I was wondering the best prices everyone has found for redmax backpack blowers eb7000 model? Looking to buy a backpack and they seem to be pretty good. Deciding between redmax, sthil, and shin. What is your opions and best found prices.


LawnSite Senior Member
Long Island, NY
i got a price for $495 for the EB7001 its around the same for the Shin. I got one of both and they perform the almost the same. (ilike the redmax better though)


LawnSite Member
Yup, first season with my Redmax and have no complaints here. Check out the internet. I found mine for 425.00 shipping free from AL and I am up here in The NW but that was during the Holidays. Here in the NW the price is 499.00 on sale and the dealers here can't keep them in stock.