redmax bp blower how much

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I am looking to buy a redmax bp the top of the line model, not sure of the model # how much can I expect to pay. I seen one Post that they were on sale in Nj for $399 for One day is that a steal?? thanks for the input


Yardley, PA.
Their top model is the EB7001. It runs anywhere from $399 to $499.

The $399 price will be hard to come by as that is an open house special price. Check your local dealers for Spring Open Houses, I'll bet that many will have similar pricing. I got a flyer from a dealer that will have these for $400 at their Open House this month also.

But I have seen them for $425 shipped by a seller online.


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Their priced at $396.00 here, not sure if that is a special or not. I would go for it as it appears to be comparable to the big shindaiwa for at least $100 less.

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