Redmax BP gas cap?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Cleve, Jan 24, 2001.

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    I really like the Redmax BP blower units. Currently have two (had three until one got "borrowed") along with one Echo. The oldest is over 10 years old and still runs great. I do have a problem with them all though. Fuel will leak from the cap on the fuel tank.
    My dealer has not been any real help. His repair was to give me a new cap and tell me to just barely screw it on. Seems the rubber washer inside will curl up if too tight and let fuel leak out. Usually the leak is from the vent hole in the center of the cap.
    I know a lot of folks on the site use and like the Redmax. Does anyone else have this problem and if so have you found any solutions?
    By the way, I also have two Redmax hedge clipper (one single cut and one double cut), they will also do this if the cap is not on "just right".
    Thanks, Cleve....

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    I don't have your BP but I did have a similar problem with a Tanaka Trimmer a few years back. It seems that the caps with vent holes in them always leak. I fixed mine by removing the cap and closing the vent hole by melting the plastic shut with a soldering iron. I then bought and installed a fuel line grommet and a one way vent for my fuel tank. All I had to do was find an appropriate spot on the fuel tank to drill a hole for the grommet. Insert a short piece of tubing and top it off with the new vent.
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    Parts of this business is changing those gas cap seals. Your cap is probably alright, it just needs a new rubber ring. Buy a couple when you get new, but MAKE SURE their the right size. I carry a bunch of extras in a small plastic bag behind the seat along with a few extra gas caps too. The seal and caps are assorted as I use both Echo and Stihl Equipment. Also, you can count on what Cleve said about over tightening. They have to be pretty snug, but can't reef on 'em because it'll ruin both the seal AND the cap threads. Hey, if anyone knows where these seala can be bought in bulk, (other than a lawn shop for a buck apiece) please let us know.:)
  4. bob

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    i've got a RedMax BP and have never had a leak. I always tighten the cap on snug. I don't want it to fall off. I've never had any other cap leak.
  5. I haven't had one to leak that way. But I've had 2 gas caps on my Stihl hedge trimmer and weed eater have the caps crack along the top, spilling all the gas out. Both times the dealer has replaced them with outcost to me, explained that they had a bad batch of caps.

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