Redmax Disappointment

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bull, Sep 26, 2004.

  1. Bull

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    Well I pulled up local dealers on the internet last Monday with plans to go by and pick up one of the new 8000 model Redmax blowers. I called all four of them prior to going only to find out that one dealer no longer carried the Redmax brand, one dealer didn't seem to know they had a new model, one knew about it but didn't have one in stock and finally the fourth one had one unit. So I went to the dealer that had one and tried it out and also tried the 7001 model as a comparison. Both created about the same air speed but the 8000 model easily moved more material due to the larger air volume created. So after trying them both I said I would take the 8000 model. Needless to say this is a very small dealer working out of a utility building way off the beaten path. So after driving 30 miles one way he now tells me that he does not take plastic. I am not standing there with $529.00 + tax in my pocket so I leave there with nothing. I still plan to get one but now I just have to make time for another trip. Nice unit though.
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    Sorry it didn't work out for you yet, Try Russo's Ace Hardware in Chicago. The number is: (877) 367-8776.
    When you call, be sure to ask for "flyer pricing" or "out-of-state" pricing.

    Be sure to ask them to put you on their mailing list. You will be amazed at all the stuff they sell, and their prices.
  3. lazer 46

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    Sounds like your thread should be called Dealer disappointment, not Red Max disappointment.
  4. Bull

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    1) I'm disappointed as a child may be on Christmas Day that I did not get a new Redmax 8000.

    2) I'm pissed off that the backwoods dealer living in the last century was unable to generate revenue for himself, reduce his inventory and satisfy a new potential customer.

    Lazer 46, you should not be so quick to judge based on first impressions or appearance. If I said that is "one bad mower" you would assume that it may be the worst mower ever produced when in fact my comment would have actually been just the opposite.

    No, I am happy with the name of this thread and therefore think I will leave it as it is.
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    Just a little tip. Any purchase that I am going to make, say in the $ 500.00 range I always deal in cash. You will be surprised the price difference between using the card and cash. I have saved a bundle over the years. Sometimes the old ways are the best. Just my .02 cents.
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    It's still pretty hard to believe any retail store,even small ones,not accepting credit and debit this day and age.
  7. dfor

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    Redmax disappointment does sound like you are "disappointed with Redmax".

  8. Joey around here all the dealer are up in arms about russo...they will not warrenty or work on any sthil scag and toro products anybody buys from russo.
    Guys want to buy up there and try to get warrenty work at their local dealers ...the locals are all saying no way jose
    My dealer is at a loss as how russo can sell a sthil saw at 5 dollars under dealer cost.
  9. GrassInspector

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    I guess this is a good post to start with?

    Many times smaller dealers have no clue as to what "dealer pricing" involves. Just because one dealer pays "dealer price" does not mean that is what another dealer will pay.

    Factories treat dealers like dealers treat consumers. It all comes down to units moved (typically). A dealer who only moves...say 100 units per year will not have the same price as one who moves 10,000 per year. That's just the way the system works whether or not its widgets or cars.

    As for dealers not working on something bought elsewhere, many times a call to the factory will straighten up the dealer pretty quick. I had a Dodge dealer try and pull the "Oh, you bought it from a cut rate dealer so I won't honor the warranty work, yada, yada, yada". A call to Dodge and a day later the same Dodge dealer sent a wrecker over to carry my 1 ton back to the dealer and it was fixed the same day.

    Most factory contracts that I've seen with dealers stipulate they will do warranty work, etc no matter where the unit comes from. If you're a XYZ dealer then your contract stipulates you work on XYZ equipment unless you don't want to carry the XYZ brand.

  10. My dealer is the largest sthil dealership in the midwest...He told me he has it understood with sthil scag and toro the brands he sells and russo also sells he will not do warrenty work on those brands sold by russo.
    They aint gonna buy from russo and expect him to service the machine's.Russo also is a big ace hardware outfit .

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