REDmax EB7001 hard/no/intermittent start...???

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by SawGarage, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. SawGarage

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    Hey Guys,

    Just a little back ground on me... I've been a mechanic/trouble shooter on Autos, trucks, small engines, and ATV's for many years...

    this unit has me a bit stumped. (especially the carb! :hammerhead: no mixture screws, just a center post throttle blade..)

    anyway, it has spark, and I just rebuilt the carb.

    would kick once in a while, started once a few days ago, and ran well... then tried to throttle it down to an idle, and it stalled and WOULD NOT restart (not the easiest piece of equipment to keep turning over!!) even with the choke... plug was NOT wet even after 12 pulls with the choke on :confused:

    Let it sit for two days, went out, 2nd pull with choke it kicked. 2nd pull off choke it was off and running...used it for 5 min. Throttled up and down ok (i'd like a bit more low end response, but sounds like the carb can't be but still would not hold a good idle... stalled again.

    went out later that day, and the pull cord snapped... :dizzy::dizzy: UGH.

    any thoughts? anyone else have intermittent starting issues??

    the unit always has spark, 130psi compression

    i'm a bit stumped...

  2. SawGarage

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    morning/noon crew??
  3. dutch1

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    Did you check the intank fuel filter for adequate flow. You didn't mention whether the carb primes properly. The compression is satisfactory.

    You may want to check out the trouble shooting guide at .

    Here is a link to the WYK carb which may or may not be the proper one as you gave no carb numbers nor a serial number to the Redmax unit.
  4. TurboMazda

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    It should have Low and High needles to adjust.????
  5. SawGarage

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    the primer bulb does seem to prime properly (i know some primer bulbs are easier to push than others...but it's always full of fuel (well, atleast 90% full...) it runs damn good! (ran it for almost 10min @ 80% throttle...and seems to run up about as fast as the echo did (till the recoil broke, and i have not replaced it...

    I will go and look now to see if there's #'s on the carb. I know the 'butterfly' is a round cylinder..

    Not that I could see....I removed and disassembled the whole carb...

    Thanks guys!!!

  6. mowerknower

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    Block off exhaust port, hook up intake adapter. Presure and Vacuum test to .8 bar. If it doesnt hold presure spray seals and gaskets with soap to see where its leaking. If it holds presure but not vacuum, replace the crank seals. If it holds both the replace the carb.
  7. SawGarage

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    says "#214056" :confused: not sure if this is the serial #...was built Aug of 02.

    mowerknower. intake adapter? I guess it would make sense to remove the muffler, although it looks easy enough to block the actual

    is this a common issue with these? i know it can be with saws...although from my experience, I have YET to run into one that will run and idle down to stall...usually with a crankcase leak it won't idle will usually idle to fast.
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  8. SawGarage

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