Redmax EB7001 vs. Echo PB 650/750...

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TROTTMAN, Jun 22, 2004.


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    I have been on ebay and some equipment websites and have found some good deals on the Echo PB650 and PB750 blowers and the Redmax EB7001 and EB7001RH(tube trigger).

    They both blow pretty hard, I think the Redmax has slighty better numbers, but not a ton better. They also both have 2 year commercial warrenties as well, which is better than most.

    I was going to get the Husqvarna 165BT (their biggest blowerm, 59.2cc), but I realized it was only as powerful as the Echo PB603 and Redmax 5000 series and 4400 series. All of these in this paragraph are about $400.

    So my question is are there any other blowers that are in the same catagory as the EB7001 and PB650/750? I think Maruyama kind of makes one, but I don't know much about it. The Stihl is pretty underpowered, worse than the Husqvarna 165BT.

    The Shindaiwas are pretty good (the 630s), but they only come in the hip trigger style.

    What do y'all think? Right now I can get the Echo PB650 for about $460 and the Redmax EB7001 for $439. Thanks for any advice or information!
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    I was a die hard echo backpack fan for years but one day I drove by my echo dealer and saw a redmax sign where the echo one was. I asked him why he switched and he said redmax was better and the parts were much easier to get. I was all ready to buy a PB750 (with the throttle on the tube which is where i prefer it) but everyone talked me into the 7001 w/the throttle on the hip. All the dirt jockeys in my area switched from echo to redmax so I figure if everyone else is they must be good....

    Well It's been a year now and I'm growing to hate it more and more each day. I have yet to pull it once or twice and have the f*** thing actually start, NEVER use it in the rain and hold the throttle <ZAP:blob2: > and after only about 25 hours on it the damm thing developed a bad skip like someone was grounding it out and don't even get me started about not having the throttle on the tube...

    My problem is my redmax dealer in only a few miles away and seems to be fairly good with repairs. The closest echo dealer is a little farther away and sells echo but isin't a certified repair center which puts me between a rock and a hard place.

    If you have a good echo dealer near you go with the PB750!!!

    TROTTMAN LawnSite Senior Member
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    Thanks y'all. Anyone else have any experiences with either of these two models or know of any other models that are comperable?

    Also, would I be better off saving a good deal of money and sticking with an Echo PB-603, Husqvarna 165BT, Redmax 5000 series etc, something that would blow around 530 cfm instead of 600 cfm and be a little better on gas. I don't have to blow off any huge areas, but want to only spend a minute or two at each yard. I do plan on mulching leaves this winter in Oklahoma, but all I will need the blower to do is blow leaves onto the lawn and then I will run the mower over them. Who knows, I may use it to pile leaves up possibly, but just thinking if I really need one of the really big BP blowers. There are a lot of good Echo PB603's for really good prices as well as the Redmax 5000's and Husqv. 165BT and Shindiawa's. Thanks.
  5. j.p.landscaping

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    The difference between the 650 and the 750 is that the 650 has a puny air filter system and the 750 has the professional air filter system. If your just looking to blow leaves onto the lawn you could go with something cheaper but eventually your gonna want/need the big power for something...

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    Yeah, but how much of a difference does the air filter make? Is it just an issue of how often you have to mess with the air filter? For only $25 more, I'd take the 750 I guess.

    Your the first person who has said anything negative about Redmax. I have never used it myself. At least they have a 2 year warrenty! Maruyama and Echo have 2 years as well on their blowers. Husqvarna is only 1 year I think.

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    Another question, how long does it take to fire one of these up and throw it on. It sounds like a really dumb question (and theres a good chance it is), but when I am looking at them in stores they seem bulky and like I'd spend a minute or so just getting it started on on my back ready to use. I know it will save a lot of time compared to using a handheld like I use now (ugh!), but I just gotta ask.
  8. j.p.landscaping

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    Like I said in my first post, mine has less than 30 hours on it and from day one it takes 5 to 8 pulls to get it started and that's with priming and correct choking.

    As far as the air system goes think of it this way, does a engine run better when it can breath or not breath???

    better air system + more cleaner air flow = better running engine = more power = less engine stress = longer life:D

    Keep reading more redmax discussions and you'll see people starting to complain. Redmax started out ok then got cheaper in quality.
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    about 45 seconds on my eb7000
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    Never had a problem w/ the 7001 and I own 8. Echo is the one w/ quality problems, ever since they went in w/ Home Depot.

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