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Redmax ebz7001 or 8000

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by B&B LAWN, Dec 10, 2007.

  1. B&B LAWN

    B&B LAWN LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 267

    ive narrowed it down to these two blowers. local dealers got the 7001 for $469 and the 8000 for $529. are these prices pretty reasonable? is it worth it to spend the extra $60 to get the 8000?
  2. shovelracer

    shovelracer LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,008

    The power is more noticable for the 8000. Not worth the 60 bucks. The 7001 is a much better blower. I have many of each and the 7001's always have run perfectly with minimal downtime. I have 2 8000's One has run good for 2 years, but broke both straps and the back cage. The other has been replaced 3 times in 2 years due to internal engine failure. IMO redmax cut corners with quality in order to deliver more power with minimal price increase. IMO the 7001 will last a lot longer than the 8000, and with a lot less repairs.
  3. B&B LAWN

    B&B LAWN LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 267

    i currently run shindaiwa eb630's, are the 7001's better blowers in terms of power or are they about the same?
  4. dwlah

    dwlah LawnSite Senior Member
    from Argo Al
    Messages: 558

    This is my .02
    the 7001 and the 630 are roughly the same as far as performance and weight
    the 8001 and the shin 8510 are about the same
    I prefer my 8510 most of the time the extra weight doesn't bother me
    When my dad goes with me he prefers my 7001 its a little lighter and I think may get a little better fuel usage as far as run time but takes a little longer to move big piles of leaves so it kinda balances out
    For clearing the hard surfaces during the summer its a toss up
    For blowing leaves all day Ill take one of the big ones
  5. J&R Landscaping

    J&R Landscaping LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 5,095

    I have one of the ebz7001's. It has nough power for me. I could at times use more power but for that, next year I'm getting a wb blower. Try searching the subject on these 2 blowers, as its been discussed many many times.....
  6. blowerboy

    blowerboy LawnSite Member
    Messages: 133

    i'd go with the 7001, great for the summers...hot/7001=less weight.
    remember, theres only sooooo many leaves u can blow before u have to tarp it. i loveboth blowers but if ur not getting the 8001, i'd get the 7001.

    i have both but i only use 8001 in the fall but boy its a back breaker, im 31 sooo i'd go with with the 7001 if u have a wb blower if u dont, what the heck, get the 8001 or 8000
  7. Budget

    Budget LawnSite Senior Member
    from Pa.
    Messages: 368

    I love my eb 7001 that all i can say about that.
  8. SimonCX

    SimonCX LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 731

    Depends for cleanups I'd go 8001 if it's for everything mainly grass I'd go 7001.

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