Redmax EBZ7001 Throttle Arm

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mgfunaro, Nov 25, 2007.

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    I was blowing in a dense area of dwarf bamboo and a stalk managed to run itself up in between the throttle cable off the arm (frame mount arm) and the blower housing itself. I hadn't realized until i got out, but i uprooted one of the bamboo plants. Everything was still running fine. Later, i saw that I had partially disconnected one of the two wires that connected to the electrical switch on the throttle arm. I reconnected it and everything seems to be fine now.

    In the throttle arm itself, there is a square cut out where the rigid ends of the two switch cables connect to the poweroff button. The two of mine were bent kind of downward...I imagine this is from the bamboo being stuck in there. However, when I straightened them out, they seemed to be stickout out beyond the square cut out. Are they supposed to be pushed aside/kinda bent over?

    Also, has anyone found a permanent modification or just taped the cable closer to the unit to prevent it from getting stuck in shrubs, etc?

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    i dont have the unit in front of me to check this for you but if they work better bent it will not harm anything for them to be bent to the side, it may even be how they were designed. I did use zip ties to secure the wires and throttle cable to the blower better than the original design of just letting them stick out to get stuck on things.
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    Thanks for your response. The next time you're near the blower, if you could take a look at those connections, I'd appreciate it.

    To what part of the blower frame did you cable tie the wire?


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