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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by soupster, Jul 20, 2004.

  1. soupster

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    I posted this onces already and it vanished...

    RedMax introduced a new backpack blower that is powerful yet meets EPA Phase 2 and CARB Tier II standards without a catalytic converter. The new EBZ8000 is powered by a 72-cc Strato-Charged two-cycle engine that moves a maximum of 943 CFM of air at speeds of up to 203 mph. RedMax's FreshFlow system protects the blower's mechanics from leaves and other debris. The FreeFlow two stage air cleaner protects the engine from dust and dirt, preventing overheating and piston seizure. The 24.9-pound EBZ8000 is ergonomically designed for operator comfort and maximum productivity. It features air cooling for the operator as well as extra wide straps and a left or right hand throttle. For more information, contact RedMax, Komatsu Zenoah American Inc., 4344 Shackleford Road, Suite 500, Norcross, GA 30093, by phone at 800-291-8251, ext. 214, or visit
  2. themowerman

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    Messages: 298 will get erased again. If they think that you are selling these they will boot your thread and e-mail you a warning and tell you that you can't even talk about redmax because they are not a sponsor on this site. So even if you mean well and have factual information to help the lanscapers you can't share it until redmax sponsors this site.
  3. soupster

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    oops didnt know that just posting info that I thought people would like to hear about. Im sorry...
  4. themowerman

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    I know....I did the same thing. I answered an Everride question and gave a part number to someone and I got an e-mail saying that I can't talk about them unless everride sponsers the site. They thought I was a dealer.
  5. SouthernFried

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    Ayup...Nobody ever, ever talks about Redmax here.

    Except for their blowers, Weedeaters and other stuff...never hear about them at all...

    :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  6. txlawnking

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    Again, where did you get this information, I checked their website and they don't even mention the 8000.. I really would like to see more about it... Especially if I can get pistol grip control.. If so, my Stihl will become a back up blower in a hurry!!! LOL
  7. The C Man

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    It's not even listed on their website, nor is the 7001 for that matter. Their whole site is kind of lacking, it still has the price list from 2002.
  8. bettergrass

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    yea there dealer listings are atleast 5 years old cause they still list my old local dealer that closed 5 years ago
  9. snapper

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    info on ebz8000 Towards the bottom, is a small article, basically same thing the first post said..

    later snapper

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