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Oxford ct.
Redmax mini tiller on e-bay for $250 delivered. Anybody got em?anygood?:angel:


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Morgantown, WV
We have a Mantis tiller. Nothing better for small beds, raised beds, moving dirt, light grading ,bare spot repair(then hydro the areas), weeding beds, etc. You'll like it if you try it.Best bet is to use the local equip rental co. in your area, and see if they carry more than one brand and give 'em a try. I don't know exactly what they sell for new( maybe around 300.00), but we got ours from the local dealer for a fraction of retail because we bought it out of rental dept.


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Atlanta, GA
We also use a Mantis Tiller. For the work described above it is great. To small for total lawn rehad or larger garden work, but well worth the investment to have. Look used.

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