Redmax RZ40GN?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LAExmark1, Jul 16, 2008.

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    model # might be wrong, lol. Anyhow, does anyone else have these, and if so, do yours seem to always need to warm up before they're wortha crap? We have 2, we bought brand new, and ever since, it seems like they need 30sec-1min warm up to run well w/o bogging out, whether its 1st lawn of the day or 10th. We've been told its because of "emissions" stuff on them. Whatever it is, it sux. Drive me nuts. I wont even use them myself (crew leader), i always use our old shindaiwas, tho heavier and older, i pull it 1-2 times and it starts right up and is ready to go.
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    It is true about the EPA emissions regulations. The newer trimmers are so lean, they need to run hot. Try this ... Right after you start it, try playing with the choke for a second or two while pulling the throttle. Then turn the choke off. It usually gets them running better and quicker, rather than waiting a couple minutes for them to warm up. It may take you a little practice to get it right and it may not work on the Redmax. I've never tried it on a Redmax, but I have on others and it almost always works real well.
    Thank you EPA for picking on all the tiny 2 cycle engines in America that altogether probably pollute less in a year than a 747 Jumbo Jet does in 15 minutes!:usflag:
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    this is characteristic.

    1st off, you shouldn't be starting an engine, (especially one that runs at 10k rpm!!!), and running at at wot right off the start.

    Just like anything else, when started cold, you need a bit of choke, especially until it clears out the air in the lines. Dont' forget, hand held equipment uses a fuel pump and is not gravity fed. There are 10 million posts on here about how guys have to run on parts choke till it warms up. And............???????????
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    talliseca or w/e the point is...i can run the thing for an hr straight, turn it off for a 10min drive to the next place and then i have to sit there and wait for it to not bog out again, we've taken them in, the shop says thats just how they are.

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