Redmax TR2301...I ain't so sure about this one

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Keith, Jul 17, 2008.

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    I've always been fond of the smaller trimmers. On a hot, humid Florida day, a trimmer under 10 lbs. is a great thing to have. I've had my share of Shindaiwa T230's, a couple of Redmax's and a Tanaka. All have been really pretty decent trimmers. They all ran really well.

    Last Friday I called one of my local dealers to see what they had in stock. I thought about even going with a slightly heavier Redmax just to give it a try. They talked me out of it and said to go with the tried and true, a dirty 21cc Redmax. I figured it would be almost like my BCL225DL. 21.7cc vs. 22.5, 1hp vs 1.08. Man, was I wrong. This thing does not seem to have near the power. It doesn't seem to have that smooth running two-cycle "crack" when you throttle it. It almost acts like it would if the spark arrestor was starting to plug, but it's not that. It just doesn't seem to even have a place through the rpm range where it wants to be. And it's a gas hog. The PT104+ head has a intermittent wobble that sends a vibration through the whole trimmer when it occurs. And to be honest, it may be the weakest feeling two-cycle trimmer I have ever used, short of the cheapo stuff.

    Maybe this thing is just slow to break in, but I am about ready to kick myself for spending $267 w/tax on this trimmer.
  2. Keith

    Keith LawnSite Gold Member
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    ...and now it does not run at all. This thing is a lemon.

    It rained yesterday afternoon and it, along with everything else got a little wet. Haven't had time to check it, but it sounds like an ignition problem.

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