Redmax Vs Stihl or Echo


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I know this is not a new subject, but I need help.

Since reading on this site I've decided on a Redmax EB7001.

I'm not sure which brand I should go with for a String Trimmer & Stick Edger.

The "big 3" in my area are Redmax, Stihl & Echo



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Of your 3 choices I would only pick Stihl and Redmax.

If its the Stihl it would probably be the 4mix version. FS110.
The head design on the Stihl stick edgers is great. Doesn't get clogged to the point it will stop the blade like others do.

Lawn Dog2001

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I am pretty sure this same topic just came up a couple of days ago. Search and Im sure you will find the thread.

I use both Stihl and Echo. Both are solid products but I personally perfer Echo. I have never tried RedMax or Shindaiwa because none of the dealers I have ever dealt with sell them. To be honest they are all solid and you probably cant go wrong no matter what you buy. If I had to choose between those three, I would pick the one being sold by the dealer you feel most comfortable with.


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I have always used echo also.... not saying that the others aren't good or anything. I continue to use echo becasue it is easier to order parts for all of them from the same place, (air filters, spark plugs, blades, line etc..)

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