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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnboy858, Mar 12, 2008.

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    Yesterday afternoon, I went into my local Toro dealership to pick-up my Z master, a Redmax trimmer and blower, but my walk behind that was not finished yet. The Z master was in having the oil filter and oil changed, as well as an OCDC installed. The two Redmax items had been bogging down when I engaged the throttle after both units warmed up, so they were in for a check. Three weeks before, when I dropped the equipment off, I strictly and clearly specified that I wished to be called on my cell phone to O.K. any work that would be need to be done on the Redmax hand-held equipment, as well as the Toro walk behind.

    When I came into the store and checked in, I was told everything except the Toro walk behind was finished. Then he went over the work order invoices... The Z master work was about $485.00 with tax. Then he said the invoices on the trimmer was $40.00, and the blower was $60.00. First of all, I clearly specified that i wished to be called to O.K. the work on the trimmer, blower, and walk behind; But they never called. Second of all, the two Redmax hand-helds were UNDER WARRANTY. This is really made me mad, because the equipment had only been used one season, and I had assumed the problems would be covered under my warranty.

    The technician checked over the Redmax trimmer and completed the following: "cleaned muffler screen, replaced fouled spark plugs". When they looked at the Redmax blower they: "replaced fouled spark plugs, and unclogged the fuel filter". When I asked him why it wasn't a warranty item, it was because of "the fuel I used". He said the reason the engine fuel filter clogged was my fault. I use above the recommended fuel grade, 89 octane, and yet it's MY fault. I do not understand how this isn't under warranty. If you buy a 48k pick-up truck and it doesn't run right, they don't blame the problem on the fuel you used! They fix it. I don't get how it's not the same case here. Anyway, after arguing for 30 minutes with their service manager on the fact they didn't call me to O.K. the work. He lowered the prices of the trimmer to $25.00, and the blower to 37.00$.

    As you can see, I am unhappy with the service I received. Also on the fact they didn't call me to O.K. the service, and they charged me for something that should have been covered under warranty. I would appreciate some input.:dizzy:


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    Should have been Warrantied, two years. Red Max does or at least did have good weed wackers, every one I own has been back for the famous Bogging down and I have bought at least a dozen last year alone. The blowers I have never had many problems but the few that went back were 100% covered if under two years. This year we have bought several Echos and a couple of Shindawa to compare, (just weed wackers)
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    This is why you should learn how to work on things yourself. C'mon,changing the oil on a mower is easy. As far as the Redmax warranty goes, fuel filters and clogged mufflers should not be covered under warranty. Preventative maintenance is key in this industry. Your dealer gave you a real break on the price of the handhelds.
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    I had the same thing with my Redmax trimmer. When I took it in, I never dreamed it was fouled but it was the screen being left in. I paid more than you too. Get this, 9 dollars for a new plug. I immediately got online and ordered 2 or 3 of each plug that I needed for my handheld equipment at less than 4 apiece. They didnt tell me to take out the screen but they liked collecting my money for doing it. I dont deal with them anymore and I pull my own screens before I even start a new piece of equipment. As for getting a call from them first, you either want it fixed or you dont and they were going to charge you just for looking anyway. I do my own work and try to stay away from dealers. They are in business to get as much of your money as possible and they are loyal to the product nowadays and not the customer. Ever notice how you dont get anywhere when you argue with them. They care less about keeping a customer. Its a great reason to buy your equipment online and save more then find a repair guy if you need him. Most stuff wears out before it goes bad if you know a little about running it. You will have to make an effort to learn. Ever change a spark plug? Pretty basic. I cant afford to let someone do simple work for 75 an hour on my equipment. Dont let them scare you into thinking you will screw something up. Ask your friends if you dont know how to install an OCDC or just read the instructions.
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    It doesn't matter the octane rating. The gas quality can still suck. Especially if it's E10 or E20, which is hydroscopic and bad news for anything and everything it's run in. There's no reason they should have warrantied that. The same would be true if you put in poor quality oil, name brand or otherwise.

    TJLANDS LawnSite Bronze Member
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    You are 100% right except that the RedMax weedwackers are set up to run
    and clog the screens and then foul the plugs etc. This is a known problem. For that they should and are warrantied. I have not paid for a plug, screen(muffler) or fuel filter under warranty. If I had I would not buy them again.
  7. yungman

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    What is that you do for $485!!!!

    Your complain is in the grey area. In cars, they don't cover filter and stuff. It is wrong for them not to call you first. I won't use that dealer anymore. They are not exactly wrong but they are sure an ass!!!

    I agree with delphied, I don't just go to the dealer, they have to earn the business. And you really got to learn some basic maintanance!!! It is very easy to do, a set of metric hex ranch will do a lot of the work. At least learn to change the plug, gap the plug, fish the gas filter out to change and remove the muffler to clean. You can't go wrong with this. If you have 2 cycles, you almost can count the major components with two hands.!!!

    Good luck
  8. shovelracer

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    Those are maintenance related items, and should not have been covered under warranty. You dont expect to run your blower for 2 years on the original plugs and filters do you? Your dealer helped you out by trying to keep you as a customer. Their rate is fair also. Do you work for cost, probably not. Its not fair to expect them to do it either. Redmax blowers are good and their warranty is fair. I had 1 8000 series that came with a bad motor, warrantied, blew the second 10 months later, warrantied all with no questions asked. All other blowers have been flawless for years, but I expect to pay to maintain them.
  9. 1wezil

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    i had some trouble last year with my red max trimmer and blower ,they fouled the plug and lost power my dealer ask me what kind of oil i was using ,he told me to go back to the red max oil and i took out the screen in the muffler and that took care of it ran great . my red max items are 2 years old now but i talked to the dealer this spring and he went away from selling them because red max was having a lot of trouble last year on the engines with loosing power ,he told me they where not having good luck with the company getting the fixed.
  10. delphied

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    My beef is this. They act like you shoulda pulled the screen as soon as you got it but they dont tell you that til after you foul the plug and charge you to fix it. Fool me once ,shame on you, and goodbye is my motto to dealers.

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