Redmax wont honor warranty on blower, what would you do?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by DLM155, Nov 30, 2012.

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    Your dealer sucks. I had a Red Max 8500 blower come apart at 13 months old. It has a 2 year warranty. My dealer took the thing apart while we stood there and talked about it. Engine retaining bolt hole broke off the engine. the bolt slid out and wore a hole in the impeller. Repairing would cost RedMax more than a new blower. My dealer had to fill out a form and send pictures. The dealer had a new housing in a couple of days, the motor took a week. I LOVE my 8500's If I had to throw them in a dumpster every 12 months, they were worth the price, because of the time they save...even over our 8050's.

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    Two totally different break downs. Something breaking like that is not the same as what his problem is. The dealer is advising him that if they tear it down and it is determined to be operator error ( straight or improper mix gas) that he will have to pay for the tear down.
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  3. DuallyVette

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    His dealer is assuming that his was possibly run with no oil. Mine appeared locked up. You couldn't pull the starter rope on mine. Tearing it down took about 3 minutes. if mine looked like a no-oil problem, my dealer would have thrown it into a box and handed it to me.
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    The EBZ7500 is an awesome blower.

    This issue you described sounds like it was not cooling properly resulting in pre-ignition. Probably blew a hole in the top of the piston gaulded the rings and scratched the cylinder. Only answer is short-block and it should be covered under warranty. A tear down is required obviously to diagnose but that will happen after you find that it does not have compression.
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    still seem a little rich on the price to tear it down.
    I would agree to a service fee of say 35 to 50 bucks but not 75% of the value of the machine
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    How much did you Pay for that letter:drinkup:
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    Sucks to be treated like dirt with a warranty issue, no doubt.

    To the OP, were you using mid-grade or premium fuel in your mix?
    Does a manufacturer have any recourse if the end-user is not running the recommended higher octane fuel?

    In case this helps, I count 4 gas stations in Huntsville, AL that offer ethanol-free higher octane fuel at:
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    Since 1999 we used 87 octane gasoline for our mix (2 stroke) machines (most Redmax machines)... never get big problems with them... last year we bought 3 new Redmax ebz7500 blowers... 1 of them broke... Dealer keep this machine since November to fix, but have not solutions... they said problem was caused because use 87 octane gas... Redmax company do not want to pay for fix... we used that blower for less than month (November fall clean-ups)... since we bought this machine in October, dealer do not want to replace. This year we will start use 93 octane gas for all 2 stroke machines.
  9. GrassGuerilla

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    Yes sir 87 octane can and will preignite in such an engine. Manual says 89 or higher. Higher is a waste. READ THE MANUAL. Same thing happened to a LOT of high performance car engines.
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    I have Legal Shield. I pay $40 a month to protect my business and my family.
    They handle all my legal issues without getting a huge bill afterwords.

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