Redmax wont honor warranty on blower, what would you do?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by DLM155, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. Will P.C.

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    First, you are wrong to think the dealer is your 'dear friend' and has your back 100%. I don't see him willing to give you a loaner, drop the tear down price significantly, etc.

    Second, tearing down a hardcore commercial blower that blew out after a few months seems like SOP to me. Safety reasons come to mind first. They also want to see what they have done wrong (if anything) in manufacturing for research and design or to correct things in the future.
  2. thethirstymoose

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    whats wrong with it? Bad compression? did the piston seize? In todays world warranties are just a word to sell things, most manufacturers will squirm out of the deal, when I take a piece of machinery in for a warranty claim, and they honor it.....I almost fall over
  3. natuworks

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    I left this blower at the dealer to fix since November/12 (they said when get any solutions make a phone call to me), after a maked some phone calls (March/13) to them I got the blower today 03/12/2013 not assembled and they said REDMAX do not cover the warranty for a 2 to 3 weeks used blower and dealer said not assembled because they don't want lose time... I check some reviews from this dealer a got this: "Sales team is great, Parts team is great, service is some of the worst I've seen. Bad attitudes, could not care less about downtime or your needs". Dealer it is located in Wrentham, MA and since I have to come back to buy more machines from them I do not put any name. I think Sales and Parts teams is good but they need to be re-trained and review actual goals... service team needs a lot of work to have 5 stars...

    Redmax EBZ7500

    Since 1999 we used 87 octane gasoline for our mix (2 stroke) machines (most Redmax machines)... never get big problems with them... last year we bought 3 new Redmax ebz7500 blowers... 1 of them broke... Dealer keep this machine since November to fix, but have not solutions... they said problem was caused because use 87 octane gas... Redmax company do not want to pay for fix... we used that blower for less than month (November fall clean-ups)... since we bought this machine in October, dealer do not want to replace. This year we will start use 93 octane gas for all 2 stroke machines.
  4. GrassGuerilla

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    Using the fuel specified should be a no brainer. Garbage in...
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  5. mowzilla

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    the ebz 7500 and 8500 have to have 89 octane gas and good oil to live. mine was rattling on 93?? stopped on 89. I use echo oil, it seems to be the best for the money.

    honestly, i bought my 8500 to replace a stolen 770 echo, and i just bought another 770 echo and it outblows the 8500, more reliable, and longer lasting..

    i have both of my redmax units for sale, still under warranty, and replacing them with another 770 and a pe280 echo.

    echo has never let me down.they seem to tolerate ethanol better than stihl four mix or redmax.

    only thing i like stihl is their saws and they are the best.
  6. crazyflyboy30

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    I would tell the dealer /Redmax straight up you will fix it or a new one or I will ruin you.They would be more than happy to get me a new bower after what could for them.

    BAKERS LawnSite Member
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    This is 100% on your dealer. Its their job to be properly trained on engine failure and diagnosis especially in todays world of fuel and engines. They have to do something for the manufacture. I dont usually post but im about to jump out of my chair.....
  8. mowzilla

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    your dealer is everything. If you are a commercial customer, particularly, they should have your back if they want your business. when i started out and was primarily using exmark and shindaiwa, i had a pretty good one. if i lived closer, i would use them more, as they do carry echo. since i became a fleet manager at another company 4 days a week, i have struck up quite a relationship with the dealer they use. i bought one walker from another dealer and then second from the one i deal with now. they are great. i have a client who has a redmax dealer in the building they own. i can't dog redmax, as over the last 20 years what i have owned has been great. but echo has proven itself, and the dealer has proven themselves. i am lucky to have a great dealer, and they do help me a lot a lot, and in turn i brag on them a lot, well, becausse they deserve it. The Doraville, Ga location of Howard Brothers Hardware is simply unmatched. there are a couple of other good dealers in the west side of atanta, lost mountain outdoor power and douglasville ace. i am sticking with echo because of dealer support, perfromance, and reliability. Howard Brothers is the largest sthil dealer in our area, hence why i got a farm boss. i hate four mix. outside of a gold certified stihl dealer technician, i know a ton about four mix and work on hundreds of them. they are not bad , but i feel you get a little more reliability and power from echo. as far as four mix, if you keep it tuned and maintained, its not that bad. redmax..hmmm.. too many horror stories but it seems more the dealers than anything. your dealer CAN go to bat for you.
  9. GrassGuerilla

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    Well said sir. Many dealers are jaded from dealing with "warranty work". Often almost immediately dismissing any warranty claim stating "bad fuel mix". If my dealer didn't at least give me the illusion of "going to bat for me" he wouldn't be MY dealer any more.

    I always thought it was kinda shitty of a dealer to "tear down" a piece that died under warranty and give it back in pieces (when not covered). But to not even tear it down for inspection?
    F them. Ask yourself this, if a customer called you about hundreds of dollars of work they were unhappy with, would you come walk the property with them? Find a hungrier dealer that's willing to EARN your business.
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  10. tallimeca

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    Does not make sense.

    First...does your serial number fall in the range of the service bulletin on the 7500 and 8500 running lean...well known issue.

    Second, dealer should be tearing unit down right out the gate to detail the failure and report it to manufacturer. If it is determined to be operator error and not a defect.. customer is responsible for teardown labor and repair if not covered if the customer wants to repair it. Why should the dealer not get paid if its not a defect?

    We take a deposit on potential warranty repairs. This weeds out most of the guys trying to get us and the manufacturers to pay for their mistakes. If they know they screwed it up.. they arent going to pay to be told something they already know. On the flip side, if it is obviously a warranty issue or borderline... we fight tooth and nail for our customers....and for the ones who purchased elsewhere and were told its not a warranty and it surely was.

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