Redmax wont honor warranty on blower, what would you do?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by DLM155, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. Grant11

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    I would feel like Redmax stole a blower from me if they didn't honor that warranty, because they may as well of.
    I agree with everyone that said you need to find a new dealer. I disagree when everyone told you that you messed up with the BR600. I've had 2. They're good. No mistakes there. Stihl has the best customer service of any brands. Period.
  2. johnnyusa

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    i had same problem with echo 770 dealer said i needed new engine and i should junk it and buy a new one . they said we used straight gas in it. i told him that's bs i don't even have a straight gas can on truck. i went home and called echo and told them what the dealer said and if he doesn't help me out i'm gonna go buy a stihl and never look back because i spend thousands in equipment and if you don't stand behind me during warranty i cant spend anymore money with you. he said give me 24hrs. and ill call you. dealer was a little mad bcuz i went through echo not him but it saved me from buying a new blower
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    The last dealer that charged (or attempted to charge) for a "potential warranty issue", is no longer my dealer. After spending thousands of dollars on equipment, regular stops for supplies and incidental items. They OWE us the courtesy of a warranty inspection. To ask me for $20 or $50 to determine if its covered... Sorry, not me. If a client called and said "your crew never cut the grass this week." Would you charge them $20-50 to come walk the property, or check the logs? Hell no, you would bend over backwards to make sure the customer knows the guys were there and the grass is just growing fast.

    Note to dealers: if there isn't enough money in selling and servicing these extremely expensive tools, find another line of work. Treating your professional (I know that's a stretch) customers like the enemy is ridiculous. Besides, assuming it is their fault, arent they about to need a new blower? If you charged them another $20-50 to tell them it's their fault, and your not going to bat for them, do you think they are more likely to buy another from you? Or take their need elsewhere?
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  4. 08wstroke

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    I had a 8001 blower That Aquired a Knock in It and Red max Warrantied It no problem and It was 1.5 yrs old

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