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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by KevinC, May 21, 2002.

  1. KevinC

    KevinC LawnSite Member
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    Does anybody have a line on a place that carries used parts for redmax / zenoah engines. I need a new crank and don't want to pay new prices.
  2. KevinC

    KevinC LawnSite Member
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    or maybe someone has a burned up/ wore out engine they want to unload?
    green machine, redmax, or early echo that uses a 22.5cc (23cc) Zenoah
  3. TLS

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    For only like $300 you can have a brand new trimmer. New crank, new block, new spark plug, muffler, clutch, shaft, bushings, bearings, gears, head, handle grips, gas tank, you get my drift?

    Just too much work trying to rebuild.

    Good luck though finding someone looking to get rid of something that YOU want!
  4. KevinC

    KevinC LawnSite Member
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    Accually I take the old 2-cycle lawn equiptment, Port it, water cool it, and stick it in 4-6 foot radio controlled boats. Their are companies that sell them already modified but you could eat up $1500. replacing a crank and bearings is no big deal.
  5. eslawns

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    Something I've done when I need parts is check with dealers to see if they have used or incomplete new units. I did this last season and found a complete Husky (Maruyame style) powerhead still in the box for $50. I also was able to find enough incomplete units to build a new machine for less than $100, with plenty of spare parts left over.

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