REDMAX's 7001 VS 8000 blower ?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MORETORQUE, Jun 17, 2005.


    MORETORQUE LawnSite Member
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    How much heavier is a 8000 and can it blow parking lots much faster than a 7000 or 70001 ? Thanks
  2. LawnBoy89

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    I have the 7001 and I don't see how much faster you can blow with a more powerful blower unless the stuff gets real heavy. I mean I can't keep up with the blower, if I ran, it would still blow all the stuff way out of my way before I got to it.
  3. HK45Mark23

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    Yeah it is like having a 4 or 6 cylinder car and saying, "I don’t get those V8 engines. Who needs that kind of power?" It is like explaining sex to an alien, I guess if you don't get it, well, you’ll never get it.

    Today I spent a few hours blowing last years leaves and sticks. I do have a Shindaiwa EB 630. I bet a RedMax 8,000 would have even been quicker.

    I ended up with a pile 3’ X 20’ X 20’. The sticks were the part that made it harder; the property was 18,000 sq. ft.

    I had a blast with that big bad Shindaiwa and wondered how much better the RedMax was. Gee’s what fun.

    Who ever could complain about the weight of one of these things? Try to rake 18,000 sq. ft. by hand then you will be complaining about calluses / blisters, back and feet pain.

    MORETORQUE LawnSite Member
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    That is what I want to know. I have the 7001 and I am either going to get a street blower or the bigger back pack. I am looking for a back pack to blow both sides of the street at once, that is the advantage over a street blower.
  5. txlawnking

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    I have a 7001, and my buddy, Lawn Wolf, has a new 8000. Side by side, his is noticebly more powerful.. To put this in perspective, I've used extensivelly: Stihl 420 ( takes two of these to equal the 7001) Shin 630 ( supposedly shares the engine with the 7001, but seems weaker than it) Stihl br550 ( not a real comparison)... You get the picture..

    The 8000 is a little heavier than my 7001, but it ain't much..About the only thing I don't like about the 8000 is that it is pretty bulky..
  6. Albemarle Lawn

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    My 8000 stays home usually, its just overkill for grass clippings and dry leaves here and there.

    I like the smaller frame of the 7001, and its ease of use for small detail work.

    Now leaf season comes around, different story. The 7001 stays home and I use the 8000 to move big piles and wet leaves.

    I like having both, its instant backup and I keep the hours down on the expensive 8000, keeping it strong and low mileage.

  7. I've had both of those blowers. The 7001 only lasted a little over a year and the 8000 I have now has been nothing but problems. Granted they move alot of debri but you can't afford to spend that kind of money and not have them last. I've been in business 20 yrs and I have never had this kind of problems with ANY equipment, never mind the blowers. The 7001 motor burned up AFTER the warrenty and the 8000 blew a piston, got that fixed, then it blew a head gasket. Now it is intermintently cutting out, like the coil is ready to go :angry: I also have Red Max edgers and hedge trimmers and have had no problems. Go figure :dizzy: Just my 00.02

    MORETORQUE LawnSite Member
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    Thanks, I love their backpacks but have only used them for a year. All this new equipment is starving for fuel and oil TO LEAN!@!@!!!!
  9. lawnman_scott

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    Whats the average price on a 7000 vs a 8000 ?
  10. stboo6

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    I was given price yesterday of 459./7001...549/8000..this is real close to retail..

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