Redoing and Abandoned Pond

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by baddarryl, Aug 8, 2008.

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    Customer has a hole in the ground that used to be an operational pond. Liner is precut, with about 8 small holes. Seems like a common plastic or vinyl liner. Laying in yard for 8 years. Repair or replace? If repairable, with what?

    Pump is in the shed. She (who is hot! :)) claims it worked when unplugged 8 years ago. Should I take and have tested? Rebuild, replace? Don't know brand at this time.

    Electrical is there. Area is approx 8X15. Cost to do some re digging, install liner and pump? I know there are variables with the pump and liner. What do you guys get per man hour on this stuff? I am thinking a day if all goes well, 2 if not, but gonna budget 2.5 probably. Doing it myself. Thank you. Sorry I don't do much with ponds, so thanks again.
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    You are basically building a brand new pond from scratch. Definitely get a new liner. Use Firestone 45mil EPDM liner. Stick the pump in a large bucket of water and see if it works. (Make sure you plug in to a gfci protected outlet, and don't put your hands in the water! This pump could have a short and electrocute you. The seals may be dried out.

    The problem is, you really need a skimmer, and some other filtration. If you don't have a well designed pond, it will just turn into a big stagnant, algae filled muck hole, and this lady will abandon it just like the last homeowner.

    This should probably be a $5000 + pond at least if done properly.

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