Reduced Property Insurance for Landscape Lighting--Lobbying effort

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by Alan B, May 7, 2018.

  1. Alan B

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    I believe that if we can get insurance companies to offer deductions on property insurance premiums for properties that have outdoor lighting it would help incentivize home owners to add landscape lighting.

    This is done for security systems and I believe there may be a possibility it could be done for outdoor lighting and landscape lighting. There is documented reduction in crime and trip and fall accidents, as well as increased security for properties that are have outdoor lighting. A reduction in claims = lower premiums.

    Offering a homeowners insurance deduction for landscape lighting would be an added benefit for all contractors and manufacturers and is something we can possibly stand united behind as an industry.

    I would like to investigate putting together an industry task force to get this done. I believe it would be lead by manufacturers and supported by all those in the industry. If you are a manufacturer, association, or contractor who is interested in having this effort go forward please message me. At VOLT we are beginning to explore what it will take to lobby the insurance industry and any relevant information to aid our effort would be welcomed.
  2. starry night

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    Alan, A great idea in theory. And I don't want to be a naysayer. But I don't see what would differentiate, for insurance purposes, a well laid out design which would add to a home's security versus a "contractor" or homeowner installing a few solar path lights. Who would make such a decision and what would it be based on------ number of lights? overall light intensity around the home? etc.?
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  3. Alan B

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    You bring up an excellent point and bring up the main roadblocks to getting something like this passed. There would have to be some tangible qualifications such as must be installed by a contractor and exceed a total lumen value per sq ft, or enough light to safely pass entry points. Without question your points are the roadblocks to over come.

    Perhaps a photo of the finished job with lights on and off and submitted for approval by the insurance co is an option. Although realistically they dont like to have any decisions to make, normally they prefer a simple "do you have a monitored security system -- yes or no".
  4. kellanv

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    This is a terrible idea and does nothing but push outdoor lighting further away from being a technical art and into being a check-list commodity. The only way anyone could see a reasonable ROI is to put a cheap, low quality system in. There is enough of that already. The race to the bottom is healthy on its own - lets not encourage it.
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  5. Alan B

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    I respectfully disagree. If you own an home, a deduction on your homeowners insurance is a nice incentive to offset some of the cost of a professional landscape lighting system. I believe your high-end clients would welcome and appreciate the deduction. It would be a nice benefit to help close sales. It is proven that insurance deductions offsetting the cost of security systems is a major selling point.

    Lastly to think that your clients would forgo a high end system in favor of a cheap system because of this doesn't make sense to me. In fact it would likely be the opposite and drive more people to put in high end systems that qualify for a deduction. That said it is a long an unlikely road to get it accepted by the insurance industry due to the the inability to quantify a proper lighting design.
  6. kellanv

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    This is exactly the reason why this isn't a good idea. Minimum FC or any other quantifiable measurement for safety can be done via 2000 lumen flood or via a tasteful design. There are numerous municipalities and HOAs in this area trying to set up "lighting codes" and they have proven to be extremely hard to enforce and generally do nothing to prevent tacky lighting designs.

    It would take a very long time to offset a $20k lighting system via home insurance breaks. As a secondary "oh by the way..." pitch maybe but if I need that to sell the project, I'm likely in trouble anyway.
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  7. knox gsl

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    In the big picture of life I have never seen any bennefit come from insurance companies getting involved. Like stated above the actual or percieved improments to the home or business should sell the system itself or they aren't a good candidate to begin with.
  8. fireball756

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    In these days of historical fires, floods, eruptions, and shootings any talk of revenue reduction to a insurance company is a non starter if anything they would be thinking of a lighting system as reason to increase the premium as a enhancement

    I would probably list the system as a possible incentive and tell the customer to check with their insurance company to see if they qualify

    Best of luck to you with your idea. A light association with winter convention in Miami sounds like a winner
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  9. Jimmy Turks

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    Have at it Alan, but I don't think you will get anywhere. I am in agreement with KellanV on this one.
  10. Sunil Dalal

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    Being a landscape lighting designer and installer, I would agree with kellanV, landscape lighting is art which is as of now requested by the home owners who appreciate art and take pride in their home ownership. If it is forced on the home owners, it will be loss for all, the homes will become runway's and it will be done by couple flood lights in front of the house, that will create glare for home owner and to overall light pollution. Just my 2 cents.
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