Reduced to trimmer man.

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by StBalor, May 18, 2006.

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    Lol, my employee i started with this year up and quit on me a few weeks ago. Since then my 14 yr old son and my neighbors kid now work for me after school and on weekends. Neither of them can use a string trimmer worth a damn, lol. So i get stuck with the trimmer.
    I work by myself during the day then come by the house to pick them up after school. Man it's working out great. Both of these boys are afraid of the 36" so they do not want to learn to use it. So i try to do the bigger yards while they are in school. So they both use the 21" mowers. But you know what? It's working out great. They are both hard workers and even with them useing the 21" mowers we managed to knock out 9 yards yesterday in 2 hours 55 min.
    Anyway, i hate trimming though, it kills my back.
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    Start teaching them boys on the trimmer. You think things are good now? Wait until someone else is trimming for you! Have them practice at home or something. Good to here it's working out for you!

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