Reducing blowout with doubles on leaves

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by casey, Sep 1, 2001.

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    Our leaves are starting early because of dry weather so I put doubles on my Exmark & Toro WB's (Gators & Exmark mulchers). Any tips on reducing blowout? The leaf covering is very light where there is leaves right now & blowout with the doubles is excessive. We had to double cut the light coverings to get everything to dissapear. Lowered RPM's which helped a bit. Any other suggestions?
    Blowout on the Toro SFS deck seems less than the Exmark for some reason.
  2. Wayne Offiler

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    I have found that doubles are the way to go for grass, but not leaves. Like 4-bladed props on planes, they create an awful lot of wind! What works best for me is single blade Gator "Magnums". They differ from standard Gators in that they have a higher lift, and blade thickness is full 1/4 inch.
  3. Kent Lawns

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    Ditto what Wayne added.

    Toro SFS deck is different with the front of the deck much farther forward of the blades than the eX, that's why the blow-out is less.

    IF you really wanted to run doubles in the fall:

    1.) Add a piece of rubber on a 45^ angle on the deck front to let leaves into the cutting chamber, but not let air out.

    2.) Exmark used to make (have made for them) special spindles which were "shallower" to allow for double blades without the 2nd blade being lower than the deck lip. This spindle was designed for the discharge blade especially and came with a 'T" kit to allow 90^ spacing of the blades.

    ~Don't know if they still offer that spindle or not.
  4. rdh

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    i dont know about your mowers. but on mine i just take a couple washers off .so blades are closer to the top of the deck . can you do that to your mowers? do they have washers to remove ? i do run dbls gators on top and highs on the bottom .
  5. Guido

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    and your blades up higher to compensate. It shouyld keep that initial burst of air from every revolution up higher in the deck instead of blowing out the front.

    After that, if you still get a lot of blowout in the front, try the "mudflap" idea, and that should take care of the rest.

    (In theory of course!) ;)

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