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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by ericbl, Aug 28, 2009.

  1. ericbl

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    I am in the process of cutting my lawn down from 4” to 2”. The grass is Jamur Zoysia. I am in zone 9a.
    At 4” the lawn is a very lush green color, as I reduce the height, 0.5” at a time the grass leaves/stems are pale brown, if I allow the grass to grow taller, (i.e. skip a cutting) the grass tips green up, I do not believe it is thatch as I can see the grass down to the soil. How do I transition to the lower setting, and get the grass blades adjusted to the lower settings to produce the green blades? The lawn receives about 1” of water/week unless mother nature kicks in.
  2. fastcat

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    that type of grass is only green on the top 3rd on the leaf. 4 inches is way to high to cut it. if you are wanting it to be around 2" it will be brown for a little while but will green up. you may want to cut it 2 times per week to maintain the most green in the leafs.
  3. ericbl

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    Thanks Fastcat, anything I need to do to assist it during the process, i.e. soil activators (medina) it is slow as bringing it down in 1/2 increments requires more frequent mowing, I am bagging the clippings, wife saw the lawn go from gorgeous to, lack of better words, scalped. I have opted not to fertilize as did not want to create more stress.
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    Fertilizer does not cause stress. I think I have heard that zoysia golf courses cut at one inch, three times per week. (reel mowers. ) Give it a few days to recover and adapt.

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