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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by heather, May 5, 2002.

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    I have lots of requests to reel cut bermuda yards. I have decliened because of lowballer in area. they can reel cut lawns for 1/2 of what I can. They are a retired and living in the golf community that we work in. they are living in a $600,000 house with good retirement benifits. Also I get lowballed on irragation repair from another retiree in area. this seems to be a growing trend our small coastal retirement town. Is this a major problem in other areas???????

    Wish I could mow a few lawns for fun then go boating or golf in the afternoon:cry:
  2. Those old retired guys can't get all the work. I'd just keep bidding my price-you will get a share of the business.
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    My suggestion to you is to talk to these guys If you know who they are and explain to them that they are charging under market value for thier services, Sometimes they just need to know that they are giving thier work away( put it to them that way) and that it hurts you and other LCO's who have to earn a living. I recently had this issue just the other day with a retiree who decided to start mowing yards with a 21" murray mower and here I am using a john deere sst. this guy was charging $20.00 for a yard that really was worth $30.00 just based on size to most of us, but he didn't know any better, I'm not worried about telling a guy how to bid it to make more money.... Sometimes they listen to you.
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    Every market is different. Are you sure that you are being low balled or could it be that your prices are too high for the market.
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    My husband and I get lowballers all the time, especially in mobile home parks -- who use a slow, junky old push mowers or buy a new Crapsman mower and think they can do the whole park.... until the hot Florida sun gets to them in August! Then the lawns don't get mowed because they are inside the air conditioned living room sipping their tea. Problem is that many of these people have been paid already by unsuspecting customers who are up north and know no better. But we tell people when they come home about it. They can see it too because their lawns are burnt up by close mowing or mowing grass when it is a foot high! I think that the retirees aren't going to be able to do as good of a job as you and eventually it will get old for them. Wouldn't they rather be playing??? I would! So, wait it out and keep showing your professionalism. We're actually nice to scrubs who mow out there 'cause we know they won't be there for long. We know how frustrating it is when you are trying to run a professional business and people do this. But in the end, your professionalism will shine through! We lost two lawns in mobile home park to a guy who bought a Crapsman. We were charging a higher rate 'cause they were hard to do (lots of weedeating) and obstacles -- even for a zero turn. Now, how hard do you think it will be for his Crapsman, which he has to stop and reverse etc..... So, we didn't really lose anything.

    We don't do reel mowing in one of the huge retirement areas. They are looking for someone reliable and call us all the time. But we only have rotary mowers. Want to move to Florida???

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