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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Island Lawn, Jul 23, 2001.

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    What do you use to sharpen your blades?

    I'm figuring a RBG wouldn't do those twits?

    Do you do it by hand with a 4" angle grinder?

    Thanks for the help!
  2. mowerconsultant

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    You DO NOT sharpen reel mowers by hand.
    You can backlap them to help maintain the edge.
    Sharpening is done via a commercial reel grinder.
    The bed knife must also be ground.
    The price varies for sharpening reels, depending on what size and how many blades there are per reel.
    All of your larger golf equipment sales companies do this.
    Here is a link to the reel grinders...
    and to the the bed knife grinders

  3. GrassMaster

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    If you can Grind straight across at the right angle, give or take a 1/2 degree & keep it level give or take a .001 of a inch? Go for it!

    LOL, if it's your Mother in Laws Reel grind that Mama Jama to you set a fire with all them thar Sparks!

    One of the most Expensive Up Keeps of the Reel Mower is Sharpening them.

    Now think about this, come out from the exact center of your reel & grind off the same exact amount off each blade across the complete cutting surface, until the blades are equally sharp. Most have 5, 7, or 10 blades. Now you take off the Bed Knife that's the flat piece on the botttom & Grind it straight across the bottom.

    Now you put it together & you have to adjust your blades, while adjusting them you think you are close, so as a test you get a piece of paper & you turn the blade cuttng a piece of paper all the way across the cutting plain. Now what would happen to that one blade that you lightly grinded across 2 extra times. You would have a ripple effect in yo cut!

    Find someone to show you & help you back lap the reel if it's not to bad. If it's bad you might have to have it sharpened.

    Us JawJa Folks are Cheap!
    Back Lap & Adjust a 20" reel Mower we charge $42
    Sharpen & Adjust a 20" $70
    Sharpen & Adjust a 25" $80
    Sharpen & Adjust a 27" $90
    Any thing over that we charge exactly what we feel like most 30" about $125 or more.

    I sharpened a 7 unit 30" Gang Reel for $1000 plus parts. Didn't make much money either. It took my man over 2 days.

    The Reel Sharpening Machines are Expensive, then you got the Grinding Compound & the Grinding rocks don't last very long either. Then you got to find a Idiot to stand there for hours listening to it (finding one that can accomplish this is Tuff T00?) If folks Complain we ask them to stay with & watch the Guy & most give him a $20 tip.

    If they will not watch we tell them to go North 100 miles or West 100 Miles & if they leave with it not sharpened we tell them it will be a flat $5 an inch when they come back. We have a Monopoly on this low profit service. We sharpen about 200 to 400 a year depends if we get rain. Most these Folks cut at 5/32" to 1/2" max cutting height. The ones at 5/32 cut their lawn every 2 days. LOL, I would move first!

    You might also go to one of your Local Golf Courses & get real Lucky with the Maintenance Dudes! If he didn't work at the Golf Course he would be the Lawn or Yard Dude!

    If you grind it by hand you will ruin it for sure! That's a Fact Jack!

    If it's a $35 lawn & they want it mowed with a Reel charge them about $50 to $60. :) Just my thoughts?
  4. thelawnguy

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    When I worked at the mower shop many years ago I seem to remember the guy who did the sharpening of the reels also had to do quite a bit of disassembling just to get the reel up on the jig.

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