Reel mower that cuts high (4-5")

Jason O.

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I have a small lawn (10 foot x 10 foot) that needs grass 4 to 5 inches tall. Is there a simple reel mower that will do the job? I noticed most reel mowers cut it short, which I don't like. (mostly max 3")


A 10*10 area get you a string trimmer. Learn how to hold it so your cut height is 4-5 inches.

If you want a mower a basic rotary mower is what will give you the best 4-5inch hoc.


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You can forget reel type mowers if you want to cut at that height. Your only other choice is a gas powered rotary push mower. At 10 x 10 you could have a deluxe green spot or it be a expensive disaster. Pictures are needed.

Will your climate support a warm season grass like Bermuda ? You could cut that low with a reel. But that might not be what you want. Does it have to be real grass ? For something that small i might seriously consider something synthetic. You might be surprised how many people wouldn't notice it was fake grass.


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That Guy Gary

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Fiskar makes one that can be set to 4".

I have no idea how it performs at that height but it's generally well regarded among the dozens of people who still use them. :drinkup:


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i took a standard reel tied a cord to the roller rod pulled it back as far as i could ,& cinched the other end to the handle to raise cutting height as great as 7". then i put either a cam or turnbuckle in the cord as a control ie no more cinching. works great. 2x faster than a standard reel, can do large properites, can wait month between mowings. go to fb enter tom d sherman then go to noise reduction.